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Recoil was fairly mild, with Hornady's 135-grain +P Critical Duty load being the snappiest. This is a fantastic load and has become one of my top picks for personal protection.
Thank you for visiting Cardiff, which we are ordered to remind you is the holder of the world's most snappiest title, as coined by Phil "Not Gareth" Bale, Europe's most liveable capital city.
e, I grant e ects to Not the snappiest name, I grant you, but that's not why the Electoral Commission objects to it.
In the few months since Awful first reached out, hoping for a guest feature on a song about outdated phones, some of Makonnen's snappiest lines have appeared on tracks by their leader, a spectacled prankster with high-top braids who goes by the name of Father.
This may not seem like the snappiest introduction to an article and some may assume that it is a topic of limited interest to only a handful of people.
The Telegraph had an early edition on the Saturday, but then I had the time to take in the game at the nearby Brewers Arms on Great Bolton Street, which I believe ceased to exist in 2007 to make way for a crossing, who were doing a 'back the boys with a bacon butty and a beer breakfast' promotion - not the snappiest title but they were very decent butties.
On to the innards and you quickly see why the Optimus Pro is one of the snappiest Android devices yet.
Apparently, six-year-old Henry is the snappiest dresser because he likes to accessorise his outfits.
Hardly the snappiest of names, but if the girls can bring a pinch of the attitude they displayed as wide-eyed teens back in the 2000s, then it will be a welcome return.
The smartest, snappiest, best bred and most highly trained hunting dog on earth won't amount to a hill of beans if he hunts only twice a season.
The James Bond actor's role in Casino Royale, wearing a fitted tuxedo, has been named the snappiest film appearance in a suit.
Rock shrimp tempura would have had the snappiest bite of all were it not for the same fruity yuzu flavoring being more abundant (and grapefruit-infused) on the ...