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On to the innards and you quickly see why the Optimus Pro is one of the snappiest Android devices yet.
This understanding extends Alcoa's existing partnership with COMAC, the primary maker of impressive traveler airplane customizes in China, and fortifies Alcoa's presence in one of the planet's snappiest developing aviation markets.
Apparently, six-year-old Henry is the snappiest dresser because he likes to accessorise his outfits.
Hardly the snappiest of names, but if the girls can bring a pinch of the attitude they displayed as wide-eyed teens back in the 2000s, then it will be a welcome return.
The smartest, snappiest, best bred and most highly trained hunting dog on earth won't amount to a hill of beans if he hunts only twice a season.
The James Bond actor's role in Casino Royale, wearing a fitted tuxedo, has been named the snappiest film appearance in a suit.
Rock shrimp tempura would have had the snappiest bite of all were it not for the same fruity yuzu flavoring being more abundant (and grapefruit-infused) on the .
Not the snappiest perhaps, but Gadhia's intentions seem honourable.
Blimey, if it's down to the snappiest dresser, I'm a shoe in, I thought.
20) Time reacted to Ehrenburg's "Zakon prirody" article with an editorial quoting its juiciest bits; it also called Ehrenburg "one of the Soviet government's snappiest journalistic terriers.
That's just added 5,000 to the crowd on Gold Cup day, most of them youngsters with an attention span of four seconds but with a preference for having the salient issues reduced to the snappiest of soundbites.
And while it might not have the snappiest of names, it certainly has the ability to make jaws drop and the hairs on your neck stand up.