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The "private sector lobby group and business networking club Downtown Liverpool in Business" - as it snappily describes itself - has been providing a platform for the views of its supreme leader Frank McKenna, below, for the last seven years.
Pocket-sized, snappily written and beautifully illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones, Mission: Explore presents a series of 102 challenging missions to encourage young people to explore their social and physical environment through adventurous play.
Snappily dressed diners from all over the Bay Area line up for Southern comfort food like crispy smoked pork belly and roasted chanterelles (pictured), homemade grits with shrimp, and fried chicken with sweet truffle honey.
Downstairs, TV in bed, another snappily titled found-furniture setup, faced off against the show's sole two-dimensional work, the mixed-media photomural Molly's House.
This quirky slice of laid-back hip hop sounds vaguely like Crazy Town, blending a melodic, softly sung chorus with snappily rapped verses to superb effect.
Frothy and undemanding fun, Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson's revival of the naughty, hockey stick-wielding minxes is rather tame but is interspersed with snappily edited montages set to pop anthems by Shampoo, Sugababes, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Girls Aloud.
Humorous and snappily edited, these skeins hardly outstay their welcome.
After one high-stress visit in the late summer, Kappes returned to Langley after an all-might flight, snappily attired and clear-eyed, and met John Moseman, Tenet's chief of staff, in the hallway.
This season marks both the 45th year of Brown's two schools--The Philadelphia School of Dance Arts and its satellite in the West Oak Lane section of the city--and the 35th birthday for Philadanco (affectionately dubbed "Danco"), which has also spawned a junior company, snappily titled "D\2.
All this happens reasonably snappily and without any obvious indications of camouflaged uploading.
Systems giant IBM unveiled its latest mainframe, the snappily entitled zSeries 990 (z990).
Success, Seagrand reckons, comes from doing things a little differently in order to make a mark, so cue the snappily named "CardRec RM-300M," which strikes out for fame and glory by being not just portable, but really, really portable.