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Then she layers on exquisite shots of the curling bruscandoli tendrils and her entrancing cooking instructions that involve lots of snappiness, whooshing, and wine.
While the smartglass and Augmented Reality (AR) overlap technology has been easy to use and employees have taken to it fairly quickly, key challenges surrounding scanning functionality and snappiness (i.
Unlike other Mediterranean cities I've visited, snappiness and curt replies from those behind desks and counters was an ongoing theme.
The idea is to give you better performance while you're using the phone, compromising on the general snappiness of the UI.
Xperia UI stands between Sense and TouchWiz with the right snappiness and some lags depending on apps installed.
They are a classic for a reason – the crumbliness, fudginess and snappiness all collide in the mouth for a true taste experience.