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"If she comes out of there," he said, "hard and snappy, putting us to windward of the boats, it's likely there'll be empty bunks in steerage and fo'c'sle."
There was no weight in Billy's blows, only a light and snappy tingle; but their incessant iteration told on the Iron Man's temper.
"Look here, old fellow," said Morris, "it is a capital idea to have all ready in case we want to go horse backing, but don't you think that one of your snappy carriages with its heraldic adornments in a byway of Walworth or Mile End would attract too much attention for our purpose?
It was a pretty snappy title for those days, but we have such a high standard in titles nowadays that I have felt compelled to omit a few yards of it.
She certainly had a temper, of a snappy, practical sort; the gestures of her thin, elegant hands were abrupt or even destructive.
Snappy Kraken, a MarTech company focused on helping financial professionals automate their marketing and business processes, announced that it has received an additional round of funding after its successful pitch to the ScratchWorks FinTech accelerator founders during a live event at the invite-only Barron's Top Independent Advisors Summit in 2018, the company said.
Let your husband know you're there for him and accept there will be times when he's withdrawn or even snappy. When that happens, remind yourself of why he's behaving like that.
'Alam niyo napaka-sipag at snappy iyong ating camp commander, si General Philipps, I'm sure he is always ready, depende sa korte kung sino man ang i-commit dyan sa Custodial Center,' Durana told reporters on Wednesday.
(NASDAQ: OBCI) has acquired marine teak care products manufacturer Snappy Marine, Inc.
Ocean Bio-Chem subsidiary Star brite Distributing announces the acquisition of Snappy Marine, a manufacturer and distributor of teak care products, for the marine industry.
The synchronous flashing that the Hartfields and their guests observed that May evening wasn't actually magic, but rather the distinctive flash pattern of a particular species of lightning bugs, Photuris frontalis, which are commonly known as "snappy single syncs" or "snappy syncs."
Its made for peanuts, dog-eared feel turns out to be quite charming with former Grange Hill star Maguire making for a convincing lead, and no end of chortles springing from the snappy dialogue.