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tin snips

Shears with a blunt nose; used for cutting thin sheet metal.
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For new anglers looking to join a crew of more experienced anglers: A good start would be to be "that guy" who always has a good pair of fishing pliers, a line cutter, and a pair of braid snips instantly on hand.
The models were validated by training them on SNIP data for the period 1999-2014, using the models to predict SNIP values for 2015, and then comparing these values to the actual SNIP values in 2015.
The Golden Triangle in British Columbia hosts world class metal deposits including the Eskay Creek and Snip past producing high-grade gold mines (Barrick), the newly built Red Chris copper-gold mine (Imperial Metals), the Brucejack high-grade gold mine now under construction (Pretivm) and the KSM (Seabridge), Galore Creek (Teck-NovaGold), and Schaft Creek porphyry copper-gold projects.
He meets lots more of his little animal friends, from Stripe the zebra, whose dad is best at hiding, to Beaky and Spot, the ostrich and leopard, whose dads are having a race to find out who''s faster - and poor Snip is despondent, when he realises everyone has a cooler dad than me.
For the past year and a half, we've worked tirelessly as a team to build the best social news platform on the Web," Snip.
Technology blog AllThingsD was the first to report the takeover of Snip.
They worked on market research and promotion, using social networking sites and flyers to get the word out about Snip n Cut and also received advice on putting together a detailed business plan, plus funding and legal issues.
What was not revealed until later was that Snip Nua had been injured in a race in Dublin two weeks earlier and had been put down.
The dog, Snip Nua, collided with another dog at Harolds Cross, Dublin, and had to be put down.
NetCarrier Inc, a regional telecoms provider in the eastern US, announced today that it has acquired the assets of SNiP Link LLC, increasing its core commercial voice and data customer base.
It was our job, the ten of us standing around the table, to snip them off--carefully.
Wads of gum we snip from hair, petrified graham crackers we find under cushions of the couch, remind us that our children have more than enough to eat.