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tin snips

Shears with a blunt nose; used for cutting thin sheet metal.
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A reversal is a more complicated job than the snip as it's performed under a general anaesthetic and takes about an hour.
"We also want the BBC to let the public know about Snip Nua and to stop promoting greyhound racing.
Healthy eating children's characters Snip and Clip join 'The Big Chef' Peter Osbourne and his daughter Amelia Osbourne for the launch of a Christmas music video yesterday Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
"There's a lot more to Snip Snap than just the salon.
``If I'm tipped off there are men in the audience who have just had the snip, I always invite them up to do some Irish dancing,'' he laughed.
To work the left side of a leaf, the bird views the action through its right eye and snips with the right side of its beak.
He said: "I think I would have had the snip done before now if I wasn't so squeamish about having my whatever cut.
Yet the planned move to Grangegorman is under threat after An Bord Snip recommended it be cancelled.
The Snip Doctor looks for known single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), single letter changes in the genetic code, which can affect an individual's response to medical treatment.
VILLA skipper Gareth Barry believes striker Shaun Maloney will prove to be "a snip at pounds 1million" despite the stop-start beginning to his career with the midlands club.
Neil Dew snip's side are in third spot on the same points as second-placed Manchester United.