snow house

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igloo, iglu

A hemispherical shell, built by Eskimos of blocks of ice or packed snow as a temporary dwelling for a single family; usually about 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 m) in diameter at its base, with the floor often partially below the surrounding terrain. Daylight within was provided by one or more blocks of relatively transparent freshwater ice, or by an opening covered with a piece of translucent seal intestine. Entry was usually along a domed passageway.
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Moatie contrasts her fear of going outside with a recollection of the permeability of outside and inside in structures such as a stone house, snow house, or tent, remembering that, "you can hear the birds when you are in a tent." In the settlement, on the other hand, Eurocentric conceptions of public and private space are heightened.
Finally, snow houses normally required little time and effort to build, which made them easy to abandon when the inevitability of the next move presented itself.
This two-roomed snow house (below) quickly took shape.
Depart in March and stay in a Snow House at half-board from pounds 435pp including flights from Gatwick and transfers.
County Durham Primary Care Trust Board meets on Tuesday at 1.30pm in John Snow House, Durham University Science Park.
Beginning at 1pm, the meeting is at John Snow House, Durham University Science Park, in Durham City and is open to the public.
Soon the wall grew into a snow house supported by a simple wooden frame.
Many of the Iglulingmiut snow house complexes recorded by Mathiassen (1928), for example, were impressively large structures that could accommodate as many as five nuclear families, including dogs, food, and equipment.
DAY seven in the Big Snow House. The white stuff is still falling, my car now resembles a small igloo and, anyway, it has died of the cold.
John Snow House, the headquarters for Durham and Chester-le-Street Primary Care Trust, in Durham City.
The meeting will be held at John Snow House, Durham University Science Park, Durham.