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see juncojunco
or snowbird,
small seed-eating bird of North America closely related to the sparrows. Juncos have white underparts and gray (sometimes also brown) backs. They travel in flocks.
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According to Dave Fields, Vice President of Resort Operations at Snowbird, They are working on a plan to keep water safe for residents nearby.
To complete this complex recipe Snowbird has added coriander, mint, parsley and thyme.
Currently a virtual carrier, Snowbird is in talks with Spanish LCC, Vueling Airlines, to provide it with longterm capacity, especially on its Finland - Spain routes.
The Canadian Snowbird Association said it is a 70,000 member, non-profit, non-partisan organization representing Canadian travellers from across the country.
Although its wingspan is comparable to that of a Boeing 737, the Snowbird weighs less than all of the pillows on board.
Snowbird Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Workshop (2009: Snowbird, Utah) Ed.
Maryse Carmichael became the first female commanding officer of the Snowbirds on May 6.
Adobe expects to complete its acquisition of Omniture on Friday through the merger of Snowbird Acquisition Corporation with and into Omniture.
Mike Sroka's photographs of the Canadian Forces 'Snowbirds' fighter planes would have been treat enough, but when paired with behind-the-scenes access into Snowbird team aviation history and daily details, it becomes an outstanding pick any military or aviation collection must have.
Snowbird claims to be one of the few manufacturers in the United Kingdom that can produce sausages in natural casings which maintain a consistent plump shape after freezing.
The Snowbird Poems is an impressive anthology of the poetry of Canadian literary icon Robert Kroetsch.