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Arguably, it is also more dangerous; with four (and sometimes six) snowboarders racing shoulder-to-shoulder down a specifically designed course at speeds often in excess of 55 mph, maneuvering for positions on turns and sometimes passing each other in the air, boardercross is often described as the snowboard version of BMX racing or motocross.
We were then allocated into groups (ski and snowboard) before our instructor gave us a short introduction and assessed our level of competence.
Link these "turns" together and you can snowboard, apparently.
Burton Snowboards, one of the first companies to make snowboards, liked what they saw when they watched my video, and they offered to sponsor me on their Smalls Team!
The snowboard course was high up in the mountains, with a rapid descent and sharp twists and turns in the slalom events.
"After I snowboard for a day, I'm exhausted, but I walk more smoothly and trip less often.
He will rely on gravity to supply this external force to his skateboard or snowboard. To get started, Shaun pushes off the ramp's ledge.
The snowboard will be on display off premise and available for purchase at
The 28-year-old from Aviemore, Scotland, who hopes to encourage more girls to take part in the sport, will be on the Visit Scotland stand at the British Ski and Snowboard Show on Saturday and Sunday.
I still skateboard, probably as much as I snowboard.
Custom designed images will be showcased in on-premise point-of-sale material including snowboard, a striking easel back display card, posters, customizable banners and tabletop inserts.