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A storm in which snow falls.



(metel’ ’in Russian), the carrying of snow by the wind in the air close to the earth’s surface. Three different types are distinguished ipozemok (drifting snow), low snowstorm, and general snowstorm. The pozemok and low snowstorm represent phenomena in which the wind raises the snow from the ground; they take place without snow falling from the clouds. A pozemok occurs at low wind speeds (up to 5 m/sec), when most of the snowflakes are lifted just a few centimeters. A low snowstorm occurs at greater wind speeds, when snowflakes are lifted 2 m and more, reducing visibility, sometimes to 100 m and less. A low snowstorm and & pozemok merely redistribute snow that has fallen earlier. In a general, or upper, snowstorm snow falls during a strong wind (usually more than 10 m/sec) and is accompanied by a significant increase in the snow cover throughout the region. When there is a strong wind and air temperatures are low, a snowstorm is called by the local name buran (primarily in the Asian USSR).

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Since Saturday, the snowstorm, accompanied by high-intensity winds, has been wreaking havoc across the Moscow region.
Due to severe snowstorm at @JFKairport , some of our flights are either delayed or cancelled.
We reconcile these differences between the modeled and observed changes in heavy snowstorms by noting the large spread among the 30-members of ECH AM5 simulated mid-Atlantic snowstorm changes, implying low detectability of a change signal at this time.
While it seemed like April might have been close to giving birth before the snowstorm, Animal Adventure Park confirmed they were happy her condition hasn't changed.
The Snowstorm property consists of 700 mining claims and 5,800 acres of fee lands carefully assembled in a private company over a 15-year period and explored over the past 10 years.
027, indicating that fluctuations in individuals' marginal trust are more strongly affected by whether or not losses or injuries were caused by the snowstorm than by the release of warning information.
The Meteorological Department expects a snowstorm to hit the country starting Saturday and until Wednesday while snow will fall at an altitude of 800 to 1,500 meters.
The severe snowstorm is expected to continue through until today.
managed to recover from the aftermath of the snowstorm, named Jana, thanks to
Fourth major snowstorm The latest storm heaped disappointment on retailers who were relying on the Presidents' Day long weekend and Valentine's Day to make up for subpar sales during the last three lashings of snow.
Situation will remain critical in many regions as the snowstorm on Friday has also caused power failures across the country, most of which are now fixed.
The current snowstorm in Jordan has been called "Huda," while the snowstorm in Syria was named "Zaina.