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floor area ratio

The ratio of the total floor area of a building (excluding areas such as mechanical rooms or the areas of floors used exclusively for mechanical equipment) to the area of the lot on which the building is built.
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Whey output so far this year has risen to 265,200 tons (down 3.6%).
Sefton: 2004:40% -(80,000 ballots returned); 2003 -25%.Turn-out up15% so far. Around 400 ballot papers had to be returned to voters because witness declarations had not been signed.
So far, Chavez's bark has proven far worse than his bite, but many Venezuelans are not waiting around to make sure.
Although White Plains has only 19 percent of the total office space in Westchester, it has accounted for 30 percent of the total leasing and 34 percent of total absorption so far this year."
If any of these folks were to pursue a thorough critique of classical liberal economic privatism, they would have to extend it so far as to unmask the "individual" legal standing of business corporations.
At least thirty-five major cities, and other organizations, media, and celebrities have expressed support for the boycott and called off meetings and travel plans there, costing the state an estimated $25 million in lost convention, business, and tourist revenue so far. The U.S.
Tax increases have so far been the major source of deficit savings.
OUTFIT: pounds 250 06/12/11 SO FAR: pounds 33,813 3,813 SAl Alexander McQueen dress pounds 5,000 19/12/11 SO FAR: 38,813 pounds 38,8,81813 Ralph Lauren jumper r Ralph Lauren jumper dress, pounds 350, Aquatalia boots pounds 320.
Whey output so far this year has risen to 238,500 tons (down 3.8%).
It is so far away that its light takes more than 10 billion years to reach the Earth.