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Heating an alloy, usually an ingot, to a temperature not far below its melting temperature and holding it there for a long time to eliminate segregation that occurred on solidification.



in the leather industry, treatment of the hide with water mixed with accelerators such as sodium sulfite, antiseptics (sodium fluosilicate), and surface-active agents (Sulfonol and Sapal). Soaking is an important treatment for preserved raw material whose moisture content has decreased.

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During engine-off soak in a real vehicle, the air inside the engine bay heated up by hot underhood components becomes buoyant and rises towards the top of the engine compartment.
You may need to soak some things separately since one grain, bean or seed uses the soaking water while other items need to have the soaking water dumped.
Rinse and then soak them overnight in the refrigerator in four parts water to one part legume.
The TAL and soak time were changed by almost 50 sec, and the peak temperatures varied by around 15[degrees]C.
First, time in a cold soak, even a brief one, lets a winemaker get a much better handle on the fruit at hand, enough time to get a tank thoroughly mixed, time for any raisins in the fruit to reveal their sugars, time to get more trustworthy readings on basic wine chemistry than the numbers grabbed in the rush of fruit delivery.
The test subjects the biodiesel to a soak period at cold temperatures, re-warms the fuel, and then filters the biodiesel through a 0.
Biodac soaks up liquid fertilizers and can be scattered on fields, where it decomposes and provides slow release into the soil.
OPTIONAL: To add color to your soak, blend in bath pigments or cosmetic-grade dye (often used in soapmaking; do not use food coloring--it could stain your basin) from a craft store.
Leaking containers must be packed in drums with several inches of vermiculite all around the leaker to soak up the DS2.
Teaching people to soak a seed before planting could save thousands of people from starvation.
It's been one heck of a day at work, and you are ready to soak your troubles away.
The main limitation to efficient drying is due to soak back of water from the slurry re-wetting the shell mold during dipping.