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soakaway, soakpit

A pit excavated in the earth’s surface which receives excess surface water, allowing it to drain away slowly.
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The system could be changed to discharge treated gray water overland in wetland communities where soakaway pits will not work.
Many people have soakaways in their garden, which means they should not be paying a surface water charge.
If the septic tank is located on a neighbouring property, investigations will need to be made to ensure that there is a right for you to drain effluent into the septic tank through the system and to discharge clarified water out of the system, together with a right for the clarified water to discharge into either a soakaway or watercourse.
Our soakaway is only performing to about 10 per cent of its designed outfall specification.
Expert tip You will need to spike lawns and maybe install a drainage system or soakaway to prevent puddles forming.
A Northumbrian Water spokesman said: "A four-inch pipe burst in a garden and the water couldn't escape into the drain and went into a soakaway.
If so,it could be time to dig a French drain and soakaway.
Water, extracted from the ground at a fairly constant 11 degrees Celsius, is used to cool the air in the auditorium and is returned via a soakaway.
A police spokesman said: "The boy did not fall far - perhaps a few feet - but he is a only four and it was a soakaway for sewage and waste water.
Plastic land drains can be laid to conduct water to the lowest point in your garden, where you can build a soakaway.
This system reduces soakaway blockage by breaking down solids and grease.
Refuse collection bins or boxes were available to 29 percent of the interviewees, and 28 percent had access to a bathroom with a soakaway.