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soakaway, soakpit

A pit excavated in the earth’s surface which receives excess surface water, allowing it to drain away slowly.
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This system reduces soakaway blockage by breaking down solids and grease.
Refuse collection bins or boxes were available to 29 percent of the interviewees, and 28 percent had access to a bathroom with a soakaway.
BUCHLYVIE House, installation of sewage treatment plant and soakaway at land some 205 metres east of Lower Balwill, Balwill for Mr and Mrs Euan and Flick Duff.
The washing machine, the sink and the downpipe all use this gulley, but the drain company says it all goes to a soakaway. Do we have a claim against the previous owners for failing to put in a proper drain?
| M Brooke, discharge conditions 3 (materials), 4 (landscaping), 7 (soakaway), 8 (vehicle charging) on previous permission 2017/90010 for construction of one detached dwelling and demolition of existing dwelling, 114, West Royd Avenue, Mirfield.
| Soakaway or rainwater harvesting If it is not possible to discharge the rainwater from your roof into the drain, then you could consider installing a soakaway, which is basically a lined pit in the ground filled with stones that holds the water and allows it to gradually percolate into the ground around it.
It was only when Mr Boon clubbed together with a neighbour to hire a drainage expert that he realised he did not need to pay the charge - currently PS96 a year - because his surface water drained into the ground via a "soakaway," rather than into the sewer system.
Now not many people have realised that this is to actually charge you for the rain water that hits your home and runs down to a soakaway. Although not illegal, it is immoral.
The problems that myself and other residents suffer with occasional flooding is caused by a soakaway sitting on a bed of clay.
If you happen to be the proud owner of a soakaway or a septic tank, check water bills to make sure you're not paying an extra pounds 30-pounds 50 a year for surface drainage or sewerage charges.
For example, if you have a soakaway which drains rainwater into the ground rather than into public sewers, you can apply to have surface water drainage charges removed.
If so, it could be time to dig a French drain and soakaway as a cost effective and easy solution.