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"Look yonder," said my Guide, "in Flatland thou hast lived; of Lineland thou hast received a vision; thou hast soared with me to the heights of Spaceland; now, in order to complete the range of thy experience, I conduct thee downward to the lowest depth of existence, even to the realm of Pointland, the Abyss of No dimensions.
It seldom soars; but I have twice seen one at a great height gliding through the air with much ease.
She, too, soared high, but not so high as the quarry, and her teeth clipped emptily together with a metallic snap.
And in that moment the sapling reared its slender length upright and the rabbit soared dancing in the air again.
Hefyd yn y rhaglen, bydd yr awdur a'r cyflwynydd Lyn Ebenezer yn rhannu hanes a swyn lle sy'n agos at ei galon - y capel mwyaf anghysbell yng Nghymru; Capel Soar y Mynydd ger Tregaron.
Working in tandem with a traditional stock auditing model, SOAR enables their Dealer Network to securely self-audit wholesale-funded inventory.
"When Eagles Soar" also explores why animals don't live as long as people, how to experience happiness under duress, absolute trust, anger as a motivator, inflammatory foods, perception is everything, what if there is better way to communicate with the divine beyond prayers, heaven and beyond, are a few examples of the many topics discussed.
The Ronaldo leap is just one of the amazing feats shown on a series of wall graphics at Soar showing record-breaking jumps, the height of various animals, wingspans of birds and flying insects and the size of the largest human hand along with animals'paws and feet.
SOAR, is a research-backed learning pathway that nurtures values, skills, and career-based competencies in a child, at each step of their school life.
Experts said: "The average basket will cost 3% more at the checkout." FULL STORY: PAGE 4 FOOD SHOCK Millions face soaring supermarket bills after extreme weather decimates crops i FOOD prices are expected to soar after the sweltering summer and freezing winter hit crops.