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(aerospace engineering)
To fly without loss of altitude, using no motive power other than updrafts in the atmosphere.


1. State, Operator And Result. A general problem-solving production system architecture, intended as a model of human intelligence. Developed by A. Newell in the early 1980s. SOAR was originally implemented in Lisp and OPS5 and is currently implemented in Common Lisp. Version: Soar6.

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["The SOAR Papers", P.S. Rosenbloom et al eds, MIT Press 1993].
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Eagles are incredible soarers that move around the country on thermal air currents.
Biographical entries for the naturalists and scientists included are available in sever al other books, but it is useful for browsers to see them considered in the same volume as these intrepid soarers and sailors.
5litre, three-litre and four-litre Soarers were sold in the US as Lexus coupes, but no such car had ever been marketed in Ireland other than as a used Japanese imported Toyota.