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see flightflight,
sustained, self-powered motion through the air, as accomplished by an animal, aircraft, or rocket. Animal Flight

Adaptation for flight is highly developed in birds and insects. The bat is the only mammal that accomplishes true flight.
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; gliderglider,
type of aircraft resembling an airplane but having at most a small auxiliary propulsion plant and usually no means of propulsion at all. The typical modern glider has very slender wings and a streamlined body.
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the flight of a glider in ascending air currents, with a gain, or at least no loss, in altitude. Soaring usually occurs when the rate of ascent of a rising current exceeds the glider’s normal rate of descent in a calm atmosphere. In practice, soaring is done in the ascending currents of airflows that develop when the wind flows over hills or mountains. Thermal currents, which arise as a result of local heating of the earth’s surface by the sun, can also be used for soaring, as can atmospheric waves that are formed over the crests of mountain ranges. Soaring requires a great degree of skill in piloting and the ability to determine from the topography the locations of ascending air currents. Gliders can occasionally soar for hundreds of kilometers.


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What does it mean when you dream about soaring?

Soaring through the air symbolizes freedom from restrictions. The dreamer may have gotten out from under a burdening situation or relationship.

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A type of flight in which a glider locates and follows a mass of rising air or a thermal to stay aloft as long as possible.
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