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watery secretion of the lacrimal gland, which is located at the outer corner of the eye socket immediately above the eyeball. Tearing, or lacrimation, is a continuous and largely involuntary process stimulated by the autonomic nervous system. Fluid is secreted into the lacrimal lake, the area between the eyeball and the upper eyelid, and spread across the surface of the eye by blinking. Tears serve to bathe and lubricate the cornea, the sensitive outer covering of the eyeball. Typically, the fluid either evaporates or is drained off through tiny canals at the inner corner of the eye, but in times of excessive tearing the apparatus is overwhelmed and tears overflow the eyes.


See T. Lutz, Crying: The Natural and Cultural History of Tears (1999).

What does it mean when you dream about tears?

Tears often represent the waters of cleansing and release, indicating that a healing of some sort is taking place in the dreamer’s life.


In a television picture, a horizontal disturbance caused by noise, in which the picture appears to be torn apart.
References in classic literature ?
After all, then, the sobbing they had heard was the maudlin crying of a drunken man.
From inside the door came a low whining and sobbing.
Maggie and Tom were still very much like young animals, and so she could rub her cheek against his, and kiss his ear in a random sobbing way; and there were tender fibres in the lad that had been used to answer to Maggie's fondling, so that he behaved with a weakness quite inconsistent with his resolution to punish her as much as she deserved.
And 32 years later the memory of that had Ms Lancaster sobbing uncontrollably.
Fans claimed shots of Den wannabes sobbing were a ploy to ramp up ratings.
My deep-seated paranoia and motherly sobbing has been under control (you can read more about that on my blog at Alisonsdiary.
While sobbing down the phone, she said: "He's been robbed and murdered.
Washington, Oct 23 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez broke into tears after singing about love during her headlining performance at the Mohegan Sun Arena's 15th anniversary celebration, and ran offstage sobbing.
Who listens while his sobbing breath falls silent by his needless death?
The Rev Berw Hughes told the sobbing congregation: "The family, friends and community of Bodelwyddan will never, ever forget these two little angels.
The girl arrived in front of the still sobbing man and without hesitation pulled herself up into his lap and nestled there serenely.
When we last saw ``Desperate Housewives,'' Susan was sobbing, Bree was hiding, and frequently overwrought Lynette was smiling so much, she must have been on something.