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see tenuretenure,
in law, manner in which property in land is held. The nature of tenure has long been of great importance, both in law and in the broader economic and political context.
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It serves also to prove the entitlement to free socage. The Brits have generally guarded this information, choosing to take quiet amusement from the mistaken use of the term by lawyers in this country.
When Tibet was part of Khanat China and later of the Yuan empire the decrees issued by the Mongolian rulers or the imperial tutors do not only document the appointment of Tibetan clerics to official positions but also the affording of protection for specific monasteries and their properties and the granting of excemption from tax obligations, socage works and military services.
(46.) Although it was common to provide rents (or socage tenure), other obligations could substitute.
"About suffering we are always wrong." Or, "We are more than cabwise/Less than cattlebirds every night we sing"; "We are tired of your socage rates"; "We understand the bus of alcohol/is dangerous"; "What we knew when we were you know where"; "Sooth la!