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social media

The online forms of communication that individuals and companies use to share information with interested parties (friends, colleagues, customers, etc.). A primary feature of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is that people actively follow someone who posts content, and they are able to respond. For example, users can resend (retweet) messages on Twitter and reply to posts on Facebook. See retweet.

Ordinary blogs may allow feedback, and some websites do as well, but social media is all about spreading information to participating users. Contrast with "industrial media," which refer to professionally produced radio, TV and film.

A major downside to social media is that erroneous news can travel as fast or faster than genuine news (see fake news and deepfake). See viral content, new media, social networking site, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, podcast and user-generated content.
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Social media platforms have been abused for several selfish reasons.
Conversely, social media has far serious negative consequences.
Instead, they believe spending hours on social media can leave girls vulnerable to cyber bullying, as well as causing a lack of sleep and exercise.
Developed in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) of the American University in Dubai (AUD), the programme seeks to train Arab social media influencers in strategic communications and enable them to produce effective content on social media platforms.
'It's remarkable how much bank social media engagement has evolved and matured since we first conducted this survey two years ago,' said Jim Edrington, ABA's chief member engagement officer.
Sagar Salva, Product Manager, Google Artificial Intelligence Research Group, on the other hand says 'blocking off social media platforms from your kids and making the topic taboo results in more bad than good.
Additionally, if the rumors have been floated on social media , it can have a serious result for the concerned parties.
Households in central Slovakia still have the fewest internet connections unlike western Slovakia, where the situation is the opposite.Slovak pensioners are discovering social media as well.
She said information shared on social media was valuable and relevant, adding that in social media platforms, people get news at their own time provided they have Internet access.
Participants will learn how to formulate a Social Media Marketing Plan, How to Utilize and optimize their social media campaign, learn Facebook and Instagram advertising, retargeting, and social media community management.
"In 2016, we saw how effective social media was.We saw how potentially destructive of reasoned conversation social media was.
Beyond hampering productivity and personal relationships, compulsive social media use can also contribute to anxiety, stress and depression.

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