social networking websites

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social networking websites

Following are the most popular social networking sites on the Web along with many innovators. There are many more, and sites emerge and wither away all the time. For more on social networking sites, see social networking site.
THE PIONEERS      Most popular    Young adults       Became a music site      Personalize content        Teen groups

 GENERAL PURPOSE       South Korea           Global reach          Create own network         Communities         Social-based PIM            Russia & environs   Windows Live         Popular with teens

 SPECIALIZED   Invitation only          Students, U.K.    Students, military          Genealogy tracking  Online book club     Photo sharing       Find classmates      Blogging

 BUSINESS      Marketing      People networking          People networking         Licensed doctors         Find people          People networking

 MOBILE         Find friends     Meet people     Media sharing       Short messages
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It is, therefore, clarified that Supreme Court of Pakistan is neither using any facebook account or page nor any other ID on any other social networking websites,' the SC said.
India, May 5 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now joined China's Twitter equivalent Weibo social networking website.
It is easily noticeable on the internet given that social networking websites are widely spread and millions of people can see the advertisements.
New Delhi, July 1 ( ANI ): Google has officially announced that Orkut, a social networking website, will be shut down at the end of September, but people who had spent their teenage days on Orkut, can't get over their nostalgia associated with it.
The Facebook CEO hit the government massive online spying program in causing distrust among the members of the famous social networking website.
In accordance with transparency and highlighting facts, the Embassy of Kingdom of Bahrain denies the allegations included on the social networking websites concerning the talks occurred during the meeting with a number of Ambassadors and figures invited by Bahrain's Ambassador to U.
Abu Dhabi: Two Asians have been ordered to pay Dh13,000 in punitive damages for publishing a picture belonging to a fellow countrywoman on several social networking websites without her permission, the Abu Dhabi Civil Court of Appeals ruled last week.
Allowing the children to use social networking websites without being watched will put them at risk of direct contact with strangers, whose attitudes and instincts cannot be speculated," the department said.
Workers are banned from accessing social networking websites on the computers they use during their shifts.
According to MacKenzie, those factors include credit checks, being unemployed for a long time and activities on social networking websites that could be viewed poorly by potential employers.
The most common place where predators look for girls' personal information is social networking websites, the most common being Facebook.
So with all this rather untimely hullabaloo about the power of social media, Kipp along with our sister publication Communicate decided to put the questions out there to get a sense of just how receptive folks in the GCC are to following brands on social networking websites.