social order

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social order

the stable patterns of social expectations and social structure that exist in any society; the maintenance of these patterns. As such the term has a general rather than a specific reference. The problem of what makes societies cohere is sometimes referred to as the problem of order (see also PARSONS).

Social Order


(in Russian, sotsial’nyi stroi), a system of social and state organization characterized by specific production and social relations and a specific political structure. Important examples are the capitalist and the socialist structures. In Russian, the term “social order” is often used synonymously with socioeconomic formation.

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Soeung Sen Karuna, a spokesman for human rights organisation Adhoc, claimed security and social order had not improved as crime continued to increase, while the freedom to gather was still limited.
Social order is maintained through both formal and informal institutions, such as the state, academia, media, and family.
Wang explained that this could be due to the tendency of individuals with strong BJW to blame the victim when efforts to restore social order fail.
As the victims of the Marawi crisis knock on our hearts, let us make that tiny space between sympathy and pursuance of life into an opportunity to challenge the existing violent social order, which has been creating and recreating this kind of war.
Gaus is right when he acknowledges in a concluding passage, "Only a relatively stable public social order is truly open to diversity.
Such analysis, which gives us insights into the degree to which the public are invested in the law, and in the formal institutions of the state that are apparently tasked with its enforcement, is an important counterbalance to the widespread literature that has focused almost solely on the failures of the state across the continent, and the presence of alternative forums for tackling issues of law and social order.
Quite reasonably, explanations of the social order searched for alternative foundations.
"[T]he most personal enactment of relationships (sexual activity) is constructed by your social order" (p.
Non-governmental organizations should assist the local self-governments through municipal social order to solve the social problems of the local communities.
of Roehampton), who is also a psychoanalyst at the British Psychoanalysis Society, examines the delicate balance between the social order and the individual, and comments on the relationship between freedom and security, the criterion of maturity (the Winnicottian typology of management, reclamation and the unthinkable, and society's permanent task), the reflexitive norm (norms and facts, blues and identification, and vulnerability and trauma), the managed society (basic security, and the regulated lie), and the basic forms of therapeutic experience.
While not wanting to return to the unstable, reckless image of white settlers in the early Caribbean, a further look at Zacek's evidence suggests that the Creole social order created was quite fragile.