social order

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social order

the stable patterns of social expectations and social structure that exist in any society; the maintenance of these patterns. As such the term has a general rather than a specific reference. The problem of what makes societies cohere is sometimes referred to as the problem of order (see also PARSONS).

Social Order


(in Russian, sotsial’nyi stroi), a system of social and state organization characterized by specific production and social relations and a specific political structure. Important examples are the capitalist and the socialist structures. In Russian, the term “social order” is often used synonymously with socioeconomic formation.

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They may strengthen the social order and they may weaken it.
Such analysis, which gives us insights into the degree to which the public are invested in the law, and in the formal institutions of the state that are apparently tasked with its enforcement, is an important counterbalance to the widespread literature that has focused almost solely on the failures of the state across the continent, and the presence of alternative forums for tackling issues of law and social order.
Quite reasonably, explanations of the social order searched for alternative foundations.
Rank: picturing the social order 1516-2009 constructed a fascinating picture of society over the past 500 years, comparing and contrasting through a mix of witty, poignant and satirical art.
s antimodernism and in his insistence on a distinctively Christian social order.
Ironically, as behavioral scientific enterprises, both behavior analysis and social constructionism share a basic understanding: human society in general and social order in particular, are created and maintained through the ongoing interaction between and among individuals.
Such a portrait of commoner society is required to set up the claim that the formation of organizations based on a radically different logic--horizontal, artistic ties--functioned in part to undermine the bakufu, or at least the social order it supposedly enforced.
His "conventional level" of moral development, which is characteristic of adolescence, is driven by a need to maintain social order while what is "right" depends on the approval of others (Good & Cartwright, 1998).
He questions why Carabosse overreacts, and offers reflections on gender and erotic curiosity, social order and civil society, and beauty--complex, masculine, and tragic.
It is a defense of social, cultural, and religious authoritarianism, full of sympathy for the supporters of the Old South's social order (most of whom loathed Jefferson).
Where once there was a social order with Christian laws, institutions, and customs, at least in intent, Catholics (and Evangelicals) in the Western world now have to live within the public forms of an anti-Christian society where intellectuals, economists, politicians, and artists no longer think of Christianity as meaningful.