social services

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social services

  1. any state-provided services which have a bearing on the quality of life of all citizens.
  2. more narrowly, the organization and delivery of local authority SOCIAL WORK services in relation to children, the elderly, the disabled and the mentally ill (but excluding the PROBATION SERVICE except in Scotland). As well as state provision, Councils of Social Services are to be found within most localities. They are umbrella organizations to assist and coordinate voluntary social welfare provision. Both voluntary and statutory services are to be distinguished from the recent new burgeoning private sector.
Sociologists have interested themselves in the relationship between IDEOLOGY and the notions of social responsibility expressed in varying formulations of social policy. Thus the political right stress ideas of individual and familial responsibility, the political left the obligations of the state to individuals in guaranteeing some form of social minima. Marxists and others have recognized and studied the struggles within the state apparatus, both local and national, for the social wage. The recent emergence of the private sector has added another dimension to the voluntarism-statism debates.

The study of sociology has featured as a significant part of the education and training of professionals and quasiprofessionals who work within the social services. see also WELFARE STATE.

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Project Objectives : The aim of the project is to support the planning and funding of social services in the Moravian-Silesian region, which will be implemented through the creation of an information system on social services in the Moravian-setting process effectively identifying needs, verify the effectiveness of the provision of services by selected providers and discussion of current issues between providers, purchasers and users of social services.
The more recent (November 2011) resolution by German MEP Peter Simon (S&D) on state aid for services of general economic interest states that the particular mission and nature of social services of general interest must be protected and clearly defined and therefore calls on the Commission to assess the most efficient way to reach this objective "by taking account of the possibility of sectoral regulation".
Meeting for the first time this week, the Forum's remit will be to provide Ministers with advice on policy and priorities, to achieve the Welsh Government's vision of sustainable social services that are high quality, responsive and citizen-centred.
The training session focused on the relationship of social service development with social policy and social change, and the methodological and practical differences between social service and care.
The training session focused on the concepts of social service and the place they occupy compared to other sciences, the relationship of social service development with social policy and social change, and the methodological and practical differences between social service and care and the prospects for the applications of modern technology in this context.
Marilyn Hartman, told the newspaper that the federal grant would be used only for its social service programs, such as helping prisoners find jobs.
The social service agencies of the Boston archdiocese and the San Francisco archdiocese have placed children with several gay couples.
This book is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in issues of social service delivery to those who suffer from AIDS.
They judged Coventry's social services were serving "some" children well and "most" adults well, with "promising" prospects for further future improvements.
Four months after being declared a three-star social services local authority for the third time running - Newcastle City Council's children's services is set to receive top rating again following a recent inspection.
A specialist review team, managed jointly by the Audit Commission and the Department of Health's Social Services Inspectorate, carried out a detailed review between October 2002 and January 2003.
MERSEYSIDE social services departments were today given a wake-up call by health ministers.

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