social settlement

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social settlement:

see settlement housesettlement house,
neighborhood welfare institution generally in an urban slum area, where trained workers endeavor to improve social conditions, particularly by providing community services and promoting neighborly cooperation.
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In the Social Settlement Movement, clubs were not merely designed
His concept of social citizenship pervaded social settlements such as Toynbee Hall along with a movement for adult education, University Extension, which provided courses for thoughtful artisans and lower-middle-class students unable to gain access to universities.
Because of her growing interest in community organization, she began serving as a community worker attached to Roxbury Neighborhood House, a social settlement in what was then one of the poorer sections of Boston.
Through the central concepts of life course, risk and transitions, the project articulated the breakdown of the settings of the old post Federation and World War Two social settlements that are seen to have had their greatest applicability during the post 1950s growth era.
In his most direct attribution to Hull House as a model for educational practice in "The School as a Social Settlement," Dewey (Dewey & Dewey, 1915/2003) wrote, "Closer contact with neighborhood conditions not only enriches school work and strengthens motive force in the pupils, but it increases the service rendered to the community" (p.
Katz's peculiar absence is symptomatic of divisive opinions regarding the purpose of musical training within the social settlements during the years of the Great Depression.
Methodist women began social settlement ministries in southern cities around the turn of the twentieth century.
Following Jessop's "Accumulation, State and Hegemonic Projects" (Kapitalistate, 1983), Nataf analyzes the Portuguese transition using the following concepts: hegemonic project, the mobilization of support behind a popular program of action that advances the interests of the dominant class; social settlements, the agreements made by the dominant and subordinate classes regarding the type of political institutions that can be put in place within which they can coexist; and dishegemony, Nataf's own concept, by which he means a situation where neither the class that has dominated historically nor the subordinate classes can agree on a hegemonic project.
The origins of the welfare state-such programs as labor standards, mothers' pensions and Social Security, which includes Aid to Families with Dependent Children (A.F.D.C.), or what we commonly call welfare-can be traced to the efforts of white, middle-class and educated women first through voluntary organizations like the National Consumers' League and the social settlement houses, then through local government and finally through the federal government itself.
Born in Fort Hamilton, New York, Benet was trained as a social settlement worker but, like her brothers <IR> WILLIAM ROSE </IR> and <IR> STEPHEN VINCENT BENET </IR> , soon turned to writing.
In order to do this we must take account of the massive changes that have transformed the political landscape in the last few decades, including the constant diversification of the terrain--for example through new forms of connection to place and generation--and major shifts within the norms and expectations embedded in the social settlement. These shifts can only intensify in the next five years and we need to get to grips with them.
social settlement. They have equally traced its dissolution in the

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