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social sharing

Sending photos, videos, product recommendations and website links to friends with social networking accounts. Twitter and Facebook icons appear on most every website; however, there are numerous other venues where information can be shared.

Some Favorites
These Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Email buttons came from the website, which specializes in generating the code to put social sharing icons on Web pages.

A Lot of Sharing
Amazing how many ways people can share their liking a product. The PO.ST service offers websites a way to monetize sharing. When a user clicks one of these buttons, a small ad appears. For more information, visit
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JaJuMa Shariff Social Share Extension has been added to this portfolio to cover Cclients need to allow social sharing, but still complying with GDPR.
It helps people get more confident as thought leaders, become more engagement-oriented versus just social sharing, which I think has led to better brand engagement, and as a result, higher web traffic."
It brings a database of content with social sharing data on almost every article published in the last five years.
The study of 1,088 online shoppers highlighted social sharing and how Facebook influences decisions.
LUCIDEA: Inmagic Presto--the ultimate corporate intelligence solution that combines powerful knowledge management with social sharing and collaboration, resulting in informed (better) decisions.
According to Chinese social sharing site Weibo, it claims that
Along with using key words, providing opportunities for social sharing via social media will help to boost your search engine rankings.
The Social Sharing Economy offers immense value for communities, especially in underdeveloped nations.
In a first of its kind offering, the platform has tried to redefine user experience by focusing on social sharing of what shoppers and their friends are purchasing within their social community.
GARETH DANIELS, HEAD OF DIGITAL EXPERIENCE: Social sharing is one of the most powerful marketing tools for a destination.
The new app includes geolocation tracking and comprehensive profile features, such as smart payment method storage, up-to-the minute message center and ample social sharing capabilities.

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