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social statistics

quantitative social data, such as crime statistics, details of marriage and family composition, housing, etc. The acquisition of such data is a fundamental concern in sociology. The term may also be used to refer to the methods used in this acquisition, including the SOCIAL SURVEY, INTERVIEWING, SAMPLING, etc. See also CENSUS, OFFICIAL STATISTICS, QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES, QUETELET.
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Social Statistics


In the broad sense, statistics as a whole is a social science, since it deals with the processes and phenomena of social life. In the narrow sense, social statistics is a branch of statistics that deals with living conditions during concrete historical stages in the development of society. In contrast to economic statistics, which deals with processes and phenomena in economics, social statistics examines the political, ideological, and legal aspects of people’s lives and the standard of living of the population by studying cross-sections of society and population groups.

The system of indexes of social statistics comprehensively characterizes living conditions. These indexes describe the social organization and class structure of society, population and its composition, and means of support and income distribution among various population groups. Other indexes characterize the availability and composition of manpower resources, level of education, culture, public health, and social security, housing, community life, work and leisure, the use of free time, and moral and political atmosphere.

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KEY IDENTIFIERS According to KNBS Director in charge of Population and Social Statistics MacDonald Obudho, the following are key identifiers of the permitted officials conducting the census: IDENTIFICATION The census enumerators and supervisors will be issued with an official badge stating their names and ID number.
KNBS director of population and social statistics Macdonald Obudho said only people within Kenya on the night of August 24-25 will be counted, including visitors.
Furthermore, the committee followed up on the recommendations of the committee's sixth meeting and those of the GCC Standing Committee of Population and Social Statistics' sixth meeting related to the Unified Register-Based Census 2020.
In a statement, the CAPMAS said the new edition includes most recent database and information on demographic statistics covering many domains, including population, employment, unemployment, birth, death, marriage, divorce and social statistics covering pre-university education, university education, research centers, scientific research and patents.
He also taught social statistics - to the consternation of university statistics professors.
For her part, director of demographic and social statistics at the National Institute of Statistics (INS), Nadia Touihri stressed the need to work to generalise preparatory school years to all regions to reduce the gap in level of school results.
Kuwait has laid out an intricate elderly care plan after "careful examination" of demographic and social statistics on people approaching the latter stages of their lives, he told KUNA amid a meeting bringing together ministers of health and social affairs from across the Arab region.
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Mohammed Ali Koman, secretary general of the Arab interior ministers council, underscored the importance of civil status departments in the modern states as economic and social policies are dependent on social statistics. He also highlighted the security aspect of civil status.
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