social statistics

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social statistics

quantitative social data, such as crime statistics, details of marriage and family composition, housing, etc. The acquisition of such data is a fundamental concern in sociology. The term may also be used to refer to the methods used in this acquisition, including the SOCIAL SURVEY, INTERVIEWING, SAMPLING, etc. See also CENSUS, OFFICIAL STATISTICS, QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH TECHNIQUES, QUETELET.

Social Statistics


In the broad sense, statistics as a whole is a social science, since it deals with the processes and phenomena of social life. In the narrow sense, social statistics is a branch of statistics that deals with living conditions during concrete historical stages in the development of society. In contrast to economic statistics, which deals with processes and phenomena in economics, social statistics examines the political, ideological, and legal aspects of people’s lives and the standard of living of the population by studying cross-sections of society and population groups.

The system of indexes of social statistics comprehensively characterizes living conditions. These indexes describe the social organization and class structure of society, population and its composition, and means of support and income distribution among various population groups. Other indexes characterize the availability and composition of manpower resources, level of education, culture, public health, and social security, housing, community life, work and leisure, the use of free time, and moral and political atmosphere.

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In turn, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Manuel da Costa Neto, said that comprehensive economic and social statistics must be made available as a tool to support national development planning, policies and decisions of government action.
Mohammed Al-Muhannadi, Director, Department of Population and Social Statistics, MDPS, said: "Research and development is fundamental to Qatar successfully transitioning to a sustainable, diversified economy, and this is reflected by the nation's significant investment in this area.
Mohammed al Muhannadi, director, Department of Population and Social Statistics, MDPS, said:"Research and development is fundamental to Qatar successfully transitioning to a sustainable, diversified economy, and this is reflected by the nation's significant investment in this area.
the series of social statistics issued by the NCSI during 2018.
Mohamed al-Muhannadi, director of population and social statistics department at the ministry, made the remarks during a presentation at the opening of a workshop organised by the ministry on Monday on crime statistics, in which he pointed out that Qatar has become a prominent centre in the world security indicators.
With permission, ColdSense uses and continuously updates personal smartphone data such as location, travel plans, calendar activities, sleep trackers, health wearables, external information from weather and sickness forecasting, mapping platforms and social statistics.
In fact, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (Escap) convened last month its Committee Statistics to discuss regional initiatives on ensuring the appropriateness and reliability of economic statistics, population and social statistics, civil registration and vital statistics, disaster-related statistics, agricultural and rural statistics.
Statistical analyses were performed on MedCalc and Social statistics calculators, and Open Epi software.
The Maldives, according to the UN's Demographics and Social Statistics Division, has the highest divorce rate in the world with nearly 11 divorces per 1,000 citizens every year.
4% of the EU's total, Magdalena Kostova, who heads the Demographic and Social Statistics with the National Statistical Institute (NSI), has pointed out at a press conference delivering the results of a population study.
The World Bank will give the Democratic Republic of Congo a $45m International Development Association (IDA) grant to strengthen its National Statistical System to produce and disseminate basic economic and social statistics such as population, agriculture and poverty data.
At the launch of the report, World's Women 2015, today (20 Oct) in New York, Keiko Osaki Tomita, Chief of the Demographic and Social Statistics Branch and Social Affairs, said that as a result of an increase in women's enrolment in higher education "the first age of marriage has increased everywhere.