social stratum

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social stratum

  1. any identifiable ‘layer’ within a hierarchical system of SOCIAL STRATIFICATION, social STATUS positions, etc. (compare CLASS).
  2. (formerly, in Eastern Europe) an identifiable grouping or category within a ‘non-antagonistic’ system of social stratification or social class. Such groupings or classes have been termed social strata and/ or ‘non-antagonistic’ in acknowledgement of the claim that all such groups share in a common relation to the MEANS OF PRODUCTION. They remain identifiable since their different levels of education, culture, consciousness, etc. continue to set them apart. See also INTELLIGENTSIA.

Social Stratum


an intermediate or transitional social group that does not have all the characteristics of a class, for example, the intelligentsia; also a class subdivision that possesses certain distinctive traits, for example, skilled and unskilled workers. In Marxism-Leninism, class is the basic element of scientific conceptions of the social structure of a class society and the social stratum is a subordinate element. In non-Marxist sociology, however, the social stratum is considered the basic element of social structure, while classes, if they are considered at all, are usually treated as one of the forms of social strata.

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Then we secretly developed private organizations in various areas of the country Within half a year, we set up several such underground organizations composed of various social stratum.
Regrettably, good outcomes don't occur by chance or by virtue of a patient's social stratum.
The larger story running through ``Yellow'' is about bridging the gap between two extremely different age groups: hard-working, tradition-bound immigrants and their second-generation children, who want to assimilate into a higher American social stratum.
Yet he is a strikingly class-conscious theorist, and the social stratum with which he aligns himself is the one he deems most productive rock-wise - i.
What we have is parental lunacy in a social stratum noted for its inability to understand that children need stable mothers and fathers, not idiot women and men who visit them for the occasional quickie.
4) This is because many mulattoes were born free and comprised a different social stratum from the slave population and also because mulatto slaves had a great advantage over their crioulo counterparts in the practice of manumission.
There will always be a social stratum that finds itself at the bottom.
For this evolving social stratum, dirt, dust and sexual incontinence were to be controlled with as much care as business debts.
Ordinary people's animosity might be directed against employers, publicans, landlords, or shopkeepers who infringed local norms - even against members of one's own social stratum (i.
Only one of the writers, the baker's wife Boukje Posthuma, was from a lower social stratum.