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Kurt Wolff's rendering of SIMMEL's general term (Vergesellschaftung) referring to the conscious association of human beings (K. Wolff, 1950). A central concern of Simmel's sociology was to establish the general forms of sociation (see FORMAL SOCIOLOGY).



(also microassociation), a taxonomic unit of vegetation distinguished by the dominant forms of the principal strata of the vegetational cover. A sociation is smaller than an association (seeASSOCIATION, PLANT). The following sociations are distinguished in an association of a pine forest with a ground cover of lichens: pine groves with a ground cover of the lichen Cladonia alpestris and pine groves with a cover of the lichens C. silvatica and C. rangiferina. The term “sociation” was introduced in 1930 by the Swedish geobotanist G. Du Rietz.

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Picking up on the "passion for connection" noted above, the practice of establishing phone friends speaks to a type of latent desire for sociation that is enabled by the affordances of the mobile phone.
Eileen nton, starring as rma Desmond, ceived the National peratic and Dramatic sociation President's up for her performance, for best individal performance in an mateur musical.
After consultation with key stakeholders, includ- ing students, ACCA (the As- sociation of Charted Certified Accountants) has announced that it will be launching a new pricing structure to help peo- ple start their journey on a re- warding career in finance.
I've been giving the project different names, while I've been making changes, but right now it shall be called Sociation.
193), Rich Ling's account of the growing weight of mobile communication in 'the structure of sociation' (p.
As- sociation for Professionals in Infection and Epidemiology, Inc.
Hearsall Earlsdon Residents As sociation is working in collaboration with Coventry University School of Art and Design and the festival organising team on the project.
Key words: Beringia; boreal; ecology; grassland; palaeovegetation; plant community; sociation
"The Artworld." American Philosophical As sociation Eastern Division Sixty-First Annual Meeting.
Career: Newton, 35, has been with the as- 111 sociation since 2003 when she was hired to oversee the organization's $11 million Self-Insurers' Fund.
Further studies are needed to ascertain risk factors and confirm the causal as sociation and pathology of fleaborne spotted fever in Asia.
The updated USPSTF recommendations are in line with those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American As sociation for the Study of Liver Diseases, the Institute of Medicine, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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