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Ecology a small community of plants within a larger association



in its broad sense the aggregate of the historically established forms of joint human activity.

Society, a unique and the highest stage in the development of living beings, manifests itself in the functioning and development of social organizations, institutions, and groups, and in the inner workings of class and other social contradictions. In its narrow sense “society” can mean a historically specific type of social system, such as a capitalist society; a particular social structure belonging to such a type, such as Japanese feudalism; or a particular form of social relations, for example, society as contrasted to the state in Hegel.

The central problem of all theories of society throughout the history of sociophilosophical thought has been the explanation of the nature of social ties and of man’s correspondingly social nature. Different solutions of this problem also determine to a great degree the treatment of different types of social activity, including individual actions. A truly scientific theory of society was first created by the founders of Marxism-Leninism.


A secondary or minor plant community forming part of a community.
An organization of individuals of the same species in which there are divisions of resources and of labor as well as mutual dependence.
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For his part, the chairman of the national committee for the societal dialogue Hussein Sulieman Abu Salih said they produced a document that could serve as a new social contract.
Keywords: Institutional environments * Environmental * Social and economic societal marketing * Firm performance * Chinese market
The group has so far organized more than 150 events, including organizing regular visits to families of martyrs and injured members of the army, in addition to other several societal, cultural, environmental and developmental activities.
In addition to each of the three levels of Personal Risk and Societal Risk two further thoughts were presented in both experiments: (a) a non- moral thought indicating whether Heinz or Paul liked "the window's exposition of the store"; (b) an indication about whether the friends of Heinz or Paul would do the same (Kohlberg, 1976; Colby, Kohlberg, et al.
The King called on educational institutions, especially universities, to activate their role in promoting the system of values and highlight the risks societal violence poses to a nation's progress.
CEOs' voices are being joined by an emerging generation of future business leaders who see personal responsibility, corporate responsibility, and societal responsibility as one continuous line," said Rana Ghandour Salhab, regional Talent and Communications partner, Deloitte Middle East.
The Ahmadiyya community continued to face governmental and societal discrimination and legal bars to the practice of its religious beliefs.
If we do not think better about major societal problems, some will become unsolvable, resulting in widespread, catastrophic loss of faith in the future.
We need innovative and creative individuals to take on societal challenges (and opportunities) including those of an ageing population and the need to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.
We acknowledge that it is necessary to consider societal impacts in many contexts and, when that is the case, distribution- and anchor-based methods can provide data complementary to information about clinical importance.
Variance in Societal Values increases as Affordable Choices increase.

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