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Ecology a small community of plants within a larger association



in its broad sense the aggregate of the historically established forms of joint human activity.

Society, a unique and the highest stage in the development of living beings, manifests itself in the functioning and development of social organizations, institutions, and groups, and in the inner workings of class and other social contradictions. In its narrow sense “society” can mean a historically specific type of social system, such as a capitalist society; a particular social structure belonging to such a type, such as Japanese feudalism; or a particular form of social relations, for example, society as contrasted to the state in Hegel.

The central problem of all theories of society throughout the history of sociophilosophical thought has been the explanation of the nature of social ties and of man’s correspondingly social nature. Different solutions of this problem also determine to a great degree the treatment of different types of social activity, including individual actions. A truly scientific theory of society was first created by the founders of Marxism-Leninism.


A secondary or minor plant community forming part of a community.
An organization of individuals of the same species in which there are divisions of resources and of labor as well as mutual dependence.
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In particular, growth in five key indicators between 2012 and 2014 illustrate the expanding application of corporate skills and resources to solving societal challenges:
NHTSA's purpose for presenting these costs in the report is to place in perspective the economic losses and societal harm that result from crashes, and to provide information to government officials and the private sector for use in structuring programs to reduce or prevent these losses.
The head of the societal dialogue subcommittee of society forces, Tabita Botrus, said the societal dialogue committees will engage in extensive meetings with civil society sectors including the traditional administration, Sufi sects, youth, students and woman unions and artists, to include their views in the national dialogue's agendas.
Al Ameri said the directives of Shaikh Mansour to develop the interactive forum for societal innovation aim at participation of all individuals of community to launch national initiatives, being focus of the leadership.
Different from research findings from developed economies, our data show that the social dimension of societal marketing activities is the most effective when it comes to influencing a firm's CSR image in an emerging economy.
With this new methodology, we are able to examine, for the first time, MSK care as it relates to specific conditions, and uncover the societal and economic benefits currently overlooked in the larger health care value discussion.
What is special about this forum is its social character as it constitutes a first step on the path of societal work and national unity which all the Syrian aspire to restore back," the statement pointed out.
Addressing a group of prominent figures at a meeting to tackle a recent uptick in domestic violence especially at university campuses, the King said societal violence is a worrying phenomenon for all Jordanians as it threatens noble values.
This group also feels more strongly than US and European CEO's about the importance of societal purpose to future success, and the role of governments as leading the way in addressing society's challenges, according to a poll sponsored by Deloitte and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).
Discriminatory legislation, such as the blasphemy laws and the anti-Ahmadi provisions of law, and the government's failure or delay in addressing religious hostility by societal actors fostered religious intolerance, acts of violence, and intimidation against religious minorities and Muslims alike, the report said.
Aref Abdul Kareem Julfar, Director of Media and Marketing, said: "The authority's sponsorship to a number of activities and events comes as part of our belief in the integration and coordination of efforts with competent authorities and societal services sector noting that the authority's strategy depends on serving the society and presenting a number of programs in several occasions and celebrations throughout the year".
We need innovative and creative individuals to take on societal challenges (and opportunities) including those of an ageing population and the need to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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