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Ecology a small community of plants within a larger association



in its broad sense the aggregate of the historically established forms of joint human activity.

Society, a unique and the highest stage in the development of living beings, manifests itself in the functioning and development of social organizations, institutions, and groups, and in the inner workings of class and other social contradictions. In its narrow sense “society” can mean a historically specific type of social system, such as a capitalist society; a particular social structure belonging to such a type, such as Japanese feudalism; or a particular form of social relations, for example, society as contrasted to the state in Hegel.

The central problem of all theories of society throughout the history of sociophilosophical thought has been the explanation of the nature of social ties and of man’s correspondingly social nature. Different solutions of this problem also determine to a great degree the treatment of different types of social activity, including individual actions. A truly scientific theory of society was first created by the founders of Marxism-Leninism.


A secondary or minor plant community forming part of a community.
An organization of individuals of the same species in which there are divisions of resources and of labor as well as mutual dependence.
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While Arab countries have established a "Central Statistics Bureau," that employs large numbers of civil servants, the Censuses and reports that are issued by them are often defective, and do not serve the purpose of giving an adequate image of the society.
Accounting for Fun" with the Society of Louisiana CPAs
The desire to help Sudanese Anglicans led to the birth in 1997 of the Compass Rose Society, which takes its name from the symbol of the Anglican Communion.
It shall be the purpose of the Society to effect this advancement of learning and these interchanges between the disciplines by sponsoring or initiating suitable projects, both of research and of bibliography; and by publication; and by assisting and encouraging discussion groups, especially affiliate societies and local groups; and, where possible, by helping to arrange exchanges of speakers between these groups.
Anti-Communism only became news when the pillorying of the Birch Society gave [Communists and their allies] the opportunity to refer to all anti-Communism as the work of 'the Birchites,' and to smear it all indiscriminately as 'right extremist.
In April, Cafe Society began a series of discussions on the meaning of race.
Effective democratic participation requires that individuals not only feel they are part of the society that sustains them but that they understand the social, economic, and technical issues being discussed, which brings us back to education.
By the time the Society is given the notification of cancellation, it is when about four years have elapsed without any notification coming forth from that particular Society,' Ms Okello-Wengi said.
Civil society is considered to be one of three spheres that together constitute the triadic paradigm of social order, the other two spheres being the state (the upholder of legal values) and the market (the economy or exchange values).
Included in the move were the former owners, the G&B Society, The Holland Society, The Mayflower Society of New York, The Huguenot Society, The Society of Colonial Wars, The Society of Foreign Wars and The St.

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