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Deployment and commissioning of the SoDAR consist of selecting an appropriate position, leveling and securing the trailer.
The characteristic forms of atmosphere acoustic echo showed on a sodar picture may be associated with the structure of atmosphere's boundary layer.
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The feasibility of sodar wind profile measurements from an oceanographic buoy, B.S.
Headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, Second Wind says its Triton Sonic Wind Profiler "reinvents" sodar (sonic detection and ranging) technology for wind assessment by capturing accurate wind data up to 200 meters, in any weather, at any location, without being attended or requiring any expert analysis.
The sonic Doppler technique is widely used in liquid flowmeters and sonic detection and ranging (SODAR) systems for the measurements of wind profile in the lower layer of the atmosphere.
Accessions of thickspike wheatgrass included 'Critana' (Stroh et al., 1972), 'Elbee' (Smoliak and Johnston, 1985), 'Sodar' (Douglas and Ensign, 1954), D-2847, D-2848, D-2845, D-2850, PI 232115, and a collection from Wyoming.
This 35-minute, full-color, animated, enthusiastically recommended DID features six new stories of the inhabitants of Sodar Island including Percy Gets It Right; Something Fishy; What's the Matter with Henry; The Old Bridge; Trusty Rusty; and Bill, Ben & Fergus.
Research: using portable Sonic Detection and Ranging (SODAR) instruments to study the winds from the ocean's surface to roughly 200 meters altitude
In gathering meteorological data and conducting environmental studies in the Sault for the past year, the company, that had been scoping possible development sites across Ontario for the last few years, intends to conduct another six to 12 months of testing with a mobile Doppler technology known as SODAR.