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sodium sulfate,

chemical compound, Na2SO4. It is a white, orthorhombic crystalline compound at ordinary temperatures; above 100°C; it assumes a monoclinic structure, and above about 250°C; it assumes a hexagonal structure. Sodium sulfate is soluble in cold water and very soluble in hot water. It forms two hydrates; the decahydrate is Glauber's saltGlauber's salt,
common name for sodium sulfate decahydrate, Na2SO4·10H2O; it occurs as white or colorless monoclinic crystals. Upon exposure to fairly dry air it effloresces, forming powdery anhydrous sodium sulfate.
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. Anhydrous sodium sulfate is found in nature as the mineral thenardite. The major commercial source of sodium sulfate is salt cake, a byproduct of the production of hydrochloric acid from sodium chloride (common salt) by treatment with sulfuric acid. It is obtained (with other chemicals) by evaporation of natural brines. It is also obtained as a byproduct of viscose rayon manufacture and in several other, less important ways. The principal use of sodium sulfate is in processing wood pulp for making kraft paper. It is also used in glass manufacture, textile dyeing, and synthetic detergents.

Sodium Sulfate


Na2SO4, a salt; colorless crystals. Occurs naturally as the mineral thenardite. Density, 2.698 g/cm3; melting point, 884°C. Solubility in water, 16.3 percent at 20°C and 29.8 percent at 100°C. Anhydrous Na2SO4 is stable at temperatures above 32.384°C; lower temperatures induce the crystallization of Na2So4·10H2O. In nature, this crystal hydrate forms the mineral mirabilite (Glauber’s salt). Double salts of sodium sulfate with other sulfates, such as astrakhanite, Na2SO4·MgSO4 · 4H2O, and glauberite, Na2SO4·CaSo4 are also known.

Large quantities of sodium sulfate are found in brine and in the bottom deposits of chloride-sulfate salt lakes and the gulf of Kara-Bogaz-Gol (USSR). The reaction 2NaCL + MgSO4⇆MgCl2 + Na2So4 takes place there upon a reduction in temperature. Sodium sulfate crystallizes in the form of mirabilite. Another method for the preparation of Na2SO4 is the reaction of NaCl and H2SO4 in special “sulfate” furnaces at 500°-55O°C, which also yields hydrochloric acid.

Sodium sulfate is used in glass-making, the manufacture of sulfate cellulose, soap-making, tanning, nonferrous metallurgy, and textile manufacture, as well as in medicine and veterinary science (as a laxative). Sodium bisulfate, NaHSO4, and sodium disulfate (pyrosulfate), Na2S2O7, are used in the same way as KHSO4 and K2S2O7.

sodium sulfate

[′sōd·ē·əm ′səl‚fāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
Na2SO4 Crystalline compound, melts at 888°C, soluble in water; used to make paperboard, kraft paper, glass, and freezing mixtures.
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Sodium sulphate is initially extracted from the salt lake "Om el Khialete" which extends over a large area of CiCi60 km2.
In general, the workability of all mixes tended to worsen when using sodium silicate and to a lesser extent with sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphate. Addition of magnesia to systems containing limestone and metakaolin worsened the workability while addition of calcium hydroxide had no effect.
Ion exchange of sodium orthophosphite and sodium sulphate against sodium hypophosphite has been described in the literature as well.
Sodium sulphate is produced through a reaction between NaCl and sulfuric acid (H2SO4).
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Annual vanadium output (8.5 Mlb) will generate about $A28 million, even at today's depressed price levels, with a further $A4 million from the by-product sodium sulphate. Annual cash costs are expected to be $A16 million and cpaital expenditure is estimated at $A40-50 million.
More recently Lepidico has added LOHMaxTM to its technology base, which produces lithium hydroxide from lithium sulphate without by-product sodium sulphate. The Company is currently conducting a Feasibility Study for a 5,000 tonne per annum (LCE) capacity Phase 1 lithium chemical plant, targeting commercial production for 2021.
According to forecasts for 2018, Tunisia is expected to produce about 4 million tonnes of phosphate against 3.9 million tons in 2017 as well as 270 thousand tonnes of iron and 1.4 million tonnes of sodium chloride, 30 thousand tonnes of sodium sulphate and a million tonnes of gypsum.
Mercury (I) sulphate can be prepared through many methods such as, by electrochemical oxidation of mercury in dilute sulphuric acid,by heating gently and dissolving mercury in sulphuric acid or by adding mercurous nitrate to sulphuric acid or by precipitation from a solution of mercury 1 nitrate with sodium sulphate solution or sulphuric acid.
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Current proven/probable reserves at Aguas Blancas stand at 44M mt, grading 512 ppm iodine, 22% sodium sulphate, and 2.87% nitrates, with a scheduled mine life of 15 yr.