Taurocholic Acid

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taurocholic acid

[¦tȯr·ə¦kȯl·ik ′as·əd]
C26H45NO7S A common bile acid with a five-carbon chain; it is the product of the conjugation of taurine with cholic acid; crystallizes from an alcohol ether solution, and decomposes at about 125°C. Also known as cholaic acid; cholytaurine.

Taurocholic Acid


one of the conjugate bile acids; a product of the conjugation of cholic acid with taurine. It is formed in the liver of animals and man and released with bile into the intestine. It participates in fat metabolism, facilitating the emulsifiction of fats and activating the enzyme lipase, thereby promoting the digestion and absorption of fats.

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We reasoned that any gains in activity from the increased concentration of substrate and lower DBS extraction volume are more than likely offset by reduced extraction efficiency of GLA due to the lack of sodium taurocholate in the extraction buffer in the microfluidic protocol.
01% (wt/vol) Tween20 Fabry assay (GLA) Microplate (Duke) Microfluidics (ALL) EXT 1% sodium taurocholate 0.
To this residue we added 240 [micro]L of 120 g/L sodium taurocholate and 12 g/L oleic acid (Aldrich) in water.
Excystation of sporulated oocysts occurs in vitro when oocysts are subjected to bile salts and sodium taurocholate and mechanical pressure from a glass tube mortar and pestle (5).
We then added 240 [micro]L of an aqueous solution of sodium taurocholate (120 g/L) and oleic acid (12 g/L) to the vial, vortex-mixed the sample until the residue dissolved, and then added 2.