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sodium thiosulfate,

Na2S2O3, colorless crystalline compound that is more familiar as the pentahydrate, Na2S2O3·5H2O, an efflorescent, monoclinic crystalline substance also called sodium hyposulfite or "hypo." Sodium thiosulfate is readily soluble in water and is a mild reducing agent. Because it dissolves silver salts, its major use is in photography for developing film. It is also used in chrome-tanning leather and in chemical manufacture. Sodium thiosulfate is produced chiefly from liquid waste products of sodium sulfide or sulfur dye manufacture. It is also produced from sodium carbonate, sulfur dioxide, and sulfur by a process that involves several steps.
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Sodium Thiosulfate


(also sodium hyposulfite, N2S2O3), colorless crystals freely soluble in water (41.2 percent by weight at 20°C, 69.9 percent at 80°C). Sodium thiosulfate forms several crystal hydrates, of which only the pentahydrate Na2S2O3·5H2O is used in industry and in the laboratory.

Sodium thiosulfate is obtained by boiling a solution of sodium sulfite with sulfur in powder form: Na2SO3 + S = Na2S2O3. It is used as a fixing agent in photography and for determinations of iodine in iodometry; it also finds use in the textile industry and in other fields. In medicine, sodium thiosulfate is used as a desensitizer, an antiphlogistic, and an antitoxic agent. The antitoxic effect is based on the ability of sodium thiosulfate to form nontoxic compounds, including sulfites with arsenic, thallium, mercury, and lead and rhodanides with hydrocyanic acid. Sodium thiosulfate is usually administered intravenously (as a 10–30 percent solution) to those suffering from arthritis, dermatosis, poisoning, and illnesses related to allergies.

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sodium thiosulfate

[′sōd·ē·əm ‚thī·ə′səl‚fāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
Na2S2O3·5H2O White, translucent crystals or powder with a melting point of 48°C; soluble in water and oil of turpentine; used as a fixing agent in photography, for extracting silver from ore, in medicine, and as a sequestrant in food. Also known as sodium hyposulfite; sodium subsulfite.
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Finally, after 6 months of treatment, sodium thiosulfate was suspended due to favorable evolution of the wounds and pain reduction.
Upon collection, bacteria samples were treated with a 60g/L solution of sodium thiosulfate, prepared by dissolving anhydrous sodium thiosulfate (Fisher Scientific) in deionized water, to deactivate silver from continuing to disinfect during sample incubation.
Experimental materials Purity Application Sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate AR Hydrated salt (Na[H.sub.2]P[O.sub.4] x 2[H.sub.2]O,) Sodium alginate CP Thickener Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate AR Hydrated salt ([Na.sub.2][S.sub.2][O.sub.3]- 5[H.sub.2]O) Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate AR Hydrated salt trihydrate phosphate ([K.sub.2]HP[O.sub.4] x 3[H.sub.2]O) Nanoactivated carbon (100 nm, heat AR Nucleating agent treatment) Sodium tetraborate AR Nucleating agent Polyethylene glycol 400 AR Dispersant Sodium fluoride AR Nucleating agent Table 2: Result uncertainty analysis of experimental equipment.
Unlike the most popular synthesis protocols, where proper surfactants are usually needed to generate and stabilize nanoparticles, the reduction based on the use of sodium thiosulfate exploits the same chemical species that induce nonspherical growth and intrinsically favor the stabilization of AuNpPs.
Treatments include correction of underlying calcium and phosphorous derangements, wound management, pain management, sodium thiosulfate use, hyperbaric oxygen, anticoagulation, nutritional optimization, cessation of corticosteroid use (unless critical for other conditions), and possibly kidney transplantation [13-15].
The liberated iodine was titrated with a sodium thiosulfate solution (0.1 mol [L.sup.-1)] until the blue color disappeared.
After a one-month trial of sodium thiosulfate without improvement, he was started on ECP using the Therakos UVAR XTS for two consecutive days (i.e., one cycle) per week for four weeks (i.e., eight total ECP procedures over four weeks).
Hydroxocobalamin treatment is not associated with methemoglobinemia and vasodilation as seen in amyl nitrite/sodium nitrite or hypotension as in sodium thiosulfate [11].
Horowitz [17] showed an increase in the amount of hydrogen during permeation tests with the use of sodium thiosulfate solution.
The gel is than ssensitized with 0.02% sodium thiosulfate for 1 minute.