soffit board

plancier piece

A board which forms a plancier.
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When properly installed by Windows Plus, fascia and soffit board will protect your property against the weather, stopping wind and rain getting into the house and so helping to keep your home warm and dry.
Our UPVC soffit boards & soffit board related products are made from top notch materials and they are compliant to all the present industry standards.
Allow for overhaul / replacement of existing timber soffit boards (existing timber varnished).
More Products - The company's enhanced portfolio of products offers customers more UL approved fire-rated assemblies; a growing family of lightweight products; the addition of paper-faced sheathing, shaftliner and soffit boards to the ToughRock[sup.
There are many sources of asbestos in houses and the most commonly recognised are corrugated cement sheeting, vinyl floor tiles and linoleum sheet flooring and adhesive, loose blown-in loft insulation, soffit boards, textured coatings on ceilings and walls, pipe insulation, insulation boards, gutters and downpipes, flash guards for electrical fuses, acoustic tiles, toilet seats and cisterns, sink baffles and window putty, to name a few.
Now council landlord Your Homes Newcastle is working to replace asbestos soffit boards -between the house wall and gutter -with plastic on all the houses it manages.
The majority are fitted with UPVC double glazing, fascias and soffit boards, which require only cleaning.
The soffit boards will go around the outside of the building under the overhang of the roof to add a bit of colour.
A 60s or 70s detached villa with liberal use of wooden cladding in addition to the normal 'roofline' soffit boards and fascias will need the most care on the outside.
The Fairbourne and Catland designs are Victorian-inspired, with ornamental white soffit boards and finials on decorative gables.
Sealing gaps around eaves and soffit boards or cracks in walls should lessen the chance of wasps setting up their home in yours.
The family of ToughRock Gypsum Boards includes paper-faced wallboard, ceiling board, soffit boards, abuse-resistant panels, mold-resistant panels, veneer plaster base systems and enhanced Type X (sometimes referred to as Type C) boards used in fire-rated assemblies.