soft brick

salmon brick

A poor quality brick that lacks weather resistance; so named because of its pink color; commonly used to fill spaces between interior structural timbers in a timber-framed house in order to provide increased structural rigidity and improved thermal insulation.
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Dense materials such as metal or hard brick transfer heat more efficiently than ceramic fibre or soft brick with their open internal structures.
Based on a television camera investigation of the sewer line, he said, defects were found in the line, including the infiltration of ground water into the pipe, longitudinal cracks in the brick walls, pipe deformation, soft brick mortar and root intrusion.
Graham Robinson, managing director of Soft Brick Company Ltd, the installer of the World of Play Frame, said: "The Soft Brick company will be building not only the largest play area in the UK but one we are confident will be described as the best play area in the world.
Saturated bricks are vulnerable to frost damage which breaks off the face of the bricks in winter, particularly if they are a soft brick.
Meet the characters, dig for dinosaurs and even build soft brick walls.
Kids will enjoy exciting activities such as digging for dinosaur bones, building soft brick walls, whizzing around a scooter track, watching the first ever viewing of the new feature length Bob DVD special The Big Dino Dig as well as a live Bob the Builder theatrical show
From the photo, the bricks look like recycled Chicago-commons (a soft brick used at the turn of the last century).
The walls were fragile, for the most part having been robbed of their stone facings to reveal the soft brick core, so we preserved them under a protective layer of sand and reburied them.
Like Diogenes of old, I go looking for a Man: not some bearded sob-sister flouncing out in his Birkenstocks for a nice soft brick of tofu, his balls annulled by Prozac and an assistant professorship.
Fuel consumption could, of course, have been significantly reduced by constructing a soda kiln out of soft brick but that would have necessitated a shielding of those materials from the soda vapour in order to protect them against rapid erosion.
Record each zone you have visited with individual 'clock in' cards where kids will enjoy exciting activities such as digging for dinosaurs bones, building soft brick walls, whizzing around a scooter track .
embedment, in soft brick or other less dense materials.