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Macalintal earlier noted the soft copies would help both parties protect their rights.
Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 Marcos, the son of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos who committed massive human rights violations and corruption during his more than two decades in office, strongly opposed providing the vice president with soft copies of the election documents.
While the soft copies of the Young Adult Categories should be submitted through the award's website - - the printed entries of all categories should be submitted before August 31, and sent to: Al Qasba Block D, 1st Floor, Office 45, Sharjah P.O.
Tenders are invited for Carrying out Hydrographical & Topographical Survey and all other necessary works from Tilar Bagan Ganga Ghat to Babu Ghat under Khardah Municipality in a grid of 10m X 10m including cross sections & collecting datas, processing the same & preparation of survey maps and submission the same in Four nos hard copies and two nos Soft copies in C.D.
Tenders are invited for Digitization Of Old Drawings In Soft Copies For Balmer Lawrie Corporate Office At 21 N S Road Kolkata 700 001
designer advised no soft copies available, must purchase for plans and specs.
Tenders are invited for Providing Digital Site Survey Plans Hard And Soft Copies Of Requisitie Size Details And Specification Of New Land And Approach Road In Connection With Acquistion Of Land For Additional Horses For Anti-Cera At Mashobra Kasauli For Cri Kasauli.
Mandi Hp Sh Enabling Work Sw Providing Digital Survey Plans Hard And Soft Copies Of Requisite Size Details And Specification For Composite Rehabilitation Centre For Person With Disabilities Sundernagar Distt Mandi Hp.
Tenders are invited for Preparation of detailed project report for sewerage schemes in dolwala town having polpulation 2011 census population of about 10000 and sewer network ranging from 35 km to 45 km including survey,design of sewer network/SPS,STP(capacity assessment only),disposal and reuse of treated effluent,with detailed drawings in auto CAD software,estimation on latest uttarakhand peyjal nigams SOR including all design and drawings will be submitted in seven clear hard copies abnd one soft copies
Sh Preparing And Providing Digital Site Survey Plans In Hard And Soft Copies Of Requisite, Size, Details And Specification Of Gorton Castle Building Campus Area At Shimla Hp