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He promised to implement the guidelines and charter given by Nauman Khan Azeemi on the soft skill and career development of the students.
He expressed his commitment to implement the guidelines and charter given by Nauman Khan Azeemi for the soft skill and career development of the varsity students and hoped for the long-term relationships and motivational lectures in future.
He hoped that the seminar would be an exposure for the students to groom their leadership as well as enhancing their soft skills to own successful life.
Illinois State runs workshops for its RMI students and offers a certificate in soft skills.
Singh realized then that soft skills were a vital topic that received minimal coverage.
3) Yet, until recently, economists have had very little to say about the importance of soft skills in the workplace.
The government recently integrated Akazi Kanoze's approach in the national curriculum to equip secondary and TVET students with the soft skills they require to succeed.
As a first soft skill to be discussed, effort of the pupil is of prime importance.
An official of the institution said here on Thursday that the lecture was delivered by Dr Gazan Bozai, CEO, Soft Skills Development Institute International (SSDII), USA, and it was attended by a large number of faculty members from the civil engineering department.
As the labor market becomes more competitive, these soft skills are becoming more and more important in finding a job, and even more important in moving up the corporate ladder.
Though soft skills aren't often listed on resumes, a CareerBuilder survey found that 77 percent of employers find them just as important as hard skills, and 16 percent see them as more important.
A scheme where Local Jobcentre Plus advisors go into schools to arm pupils with the soft skills they need to help them get their first job is being expanded from 130 schools to 1,000.