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(SOFTware PHONE) An application in the user's computer for making phone calls over the Internet. Known as a "voice over IP" (VoIP) service, computer users have a choice of audio hardware, including microphone and speakers, headset, Bluetooth phone or an IP phone connected via USB (see USB phone).

Softphone functionality is also available for smartphones and tablets, and these mobile devices only require the installation of a VoIP app.

Softphones can work stand-alone or be part of an IP PBX family. They offer the full range of phone features, such as call forwarding and conference calling. They may also interface with applications such as Outlook for automatic phone dialing. See VoIP, IP phone, IP PBX and IP telephony. See also software-defined radio.

One of the First SoftPhones
Launched in 1996 with ads to support its low rates, Net2Phone was one of the first software-only VoIP services. (Image courtesy of Net2Phone, Inc.,
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Telzio's softphone integrates the backend phone system with the user's mobile device, offering benefits such as: -Inbound and outbound calling from the user's business phone number, -Voicemail separate from cellular voicemail, -Access to the user's contacts and -Option to call through either the data or cellular network.
Through this smartphone, a softphone, users can take advantage of all VirtualPBX features like: centralized voicemail, call recording, direct extension dialing, and more, including outbound calls also use the user s business caller ID moderately than their personal number.
Softphones do not require the same expensive hardware as their "hardphone" counterparts, and with ITP VoIP callers can benefit from additional internet telephone features such as dialing through their softphone contact lists, an alternative to manually entering 10-digit phone numbers.
Mirial Softphone is the software-only client for professional quality videoconferencing offered by the Italian provider of products and solution for visual communication.
0 has gained increasing recognition as the world's favorite free softphone due to its rich feature list and ease of use.
Com@will softphone pocket features wireless LAN and an assistant function, which checks to see if the person you want to call is in the office or not, via the Internet.
Messenger, Net2Phone, and Cisco SoftPhone are some examples.
The Shoreline softphone has dramatically changed the way I can manage my business," said Neal Waldman, president, Musiker Discovery Programs, Inc.
The US is the largest market for enterprise softphones, although it is the Asia-Pacific enterprise softphone market which is experiencing most rapid growth, at 19% CAGR by volume, over the reporting period.
16, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- SessionTalk, a UK-based developer of SIP softphones and custom SIP solutions for mobile platforms, today released an update to their iPhone softphone.
The free softphone apps are available now from Google s app store for the Android platform and from the iTunes store for the Apple iPhone version.
com)-- Withthe back-to-school shopping season rapidly approaching, hosted PBX provider ITP VoIP is reaching out to college students and their parents to inform them of the company's softphone service, which makes it possible to place and receive digital phone calls using just a computer.