software audit

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software audit

A regular investigation of the software installed on all computers in an organisation to ensure that it is authorised or licensed.

Software audits minimise the risk of prosecution for software theft, minimise the risk of viruses through uncontrolled software copying, and ensure technical support is available to all users.

The Business Software Alliance Guide To Software Management.
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While not all of the requirements are applicable to automated test systems, MTS' ATEasy software suite addresses key STIG requirements such as test program software audit event log recording, user audit event log recording, idle time locking, and user account handling including password policies."
In the article, titled "An Exploratory Study of the Adoption, Application and Impacts of Continuous Auditing Technologies in Small Businesses," the authors stated that, according to their research, small businesses generally buy packaged software audit systems and run their continuous auditing efforts through the finance department instead of through an internal audit function.
On November 30 last year, the Supreme Court had rejected Ahya's plea seeking a software audit report in connection with the proper functioning of EVMs.
Juan said trial operations are being conducted as part of the preparations, which include software audit of the new market system.
The new solution permits organisations to significantly enhance their investment in the ServiceNow platform to improve efficiency, reduce costs and lessen software audit risk.
The requirements are that all production steps are protected by passwords, that authorization packages and logbooks are created, and that extensive software audit possibilities are available.
A software audit is used by software publishers to determine if customers are in compliance with software licenses and copyright laws.
Additional security options from Armstrong include badge access, dual locking controlled-substance drawer with audible alarm and software audit trail reports for accountability.
For example, automating corporate password policy enforcement through built-in software audit controls ensures exposure is limited.
According to Licence Dashboard's poll, 67 percent of organisations had at least one software audit during 2012, with 16% having three or more.

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