software bug

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software bug

A problem that causes a program to produce invalid output or to crash (lock up). The problem is commonly erroneous logic that misdirects the computer to a place in the program where an instruction does not exist, and the computer will halt at that point.

Insufficient Logic Also Produces Bugs
For example, if there are not enough validity checks performed on the input or on the calculations themselves, a buffer overflow or a divide-by-zero may occur (see buffer overflow or divide overflow).

Bad Logic Equals Bad Output But No Crash
If a program is supposed to add an amount, but subtracts it instead, invalid output is produced but the computer keeps running. This is why extensive testing is required. See abend, bug and buggy.
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The software bug did not restore any severed friend connections at the social network, but someone who was blocked could have been able to reach out to a blocker on Messenger, according to Facebook.
Many updates will be aimed at fixing software bugs -- there are typically 200 million lines of code in a car, which means it's unlikely to be bug-proof from day one, Ericsson's Olsson said.
Lovense blamed a 'minor software bug' after users discovered its remote-controlled vibrator app was recording sound files and storing them on their phones, reports The Independent.
Previously, ( IBTimes reported that the Mountain View giant has decided to delay the rollout of Android Wear 2.0 to more smartwatches after learning of a software bug that's plaguing the OS.
Facebook on Wednesday said a software bug went live in May that let repeat visits to online pages of companies or brands be counted as though someone new was taking a look each time.
Major challenges identified in the report include language barrier, software piracy, lack of intellectual property rights protection, high costs of entry, government emphasis on the hardware sector, and software bug.
Email was blocked for 18 hours on the DoCoMo 3G network in Japan and a software bug means video-phones - seen by many as 3G's killer application - won't be available for at least another month.
A distinct case that has surfaced revealed that users of Lovense's vibrator were being subject to the device secretly recording their intimate sessions, all thanks to a "software bug".
The tech giant has explained that it has a software bug that needs to be squashed before the new smartwatch OS could be widely rolled out to everyone.
Facebook blamed a software bug. It didn't offer details, but computer experts speculate the problem stems from a quirk in Unix, an operating system used in big data centers where companies like Facebook store information.
This quarter demonstrated that the potential damage caused by cyber attacks extends far beyond a simple software bug to hacks of airplanes, smart cars and television stations," said Myla V.

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