software stack

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software stack

(1) A set of programs that provides the software infrastructure for a computer. The software stack differs for clients and servers.

Clients - OS and Related Utilities
The stack in a client machine includes the operating system and all runtime environments necessary to support the applications, such as Java (see Java Virtual Machine). The stack may include the applications, although that is generally considered an application stack.

Servers Employ Services
For servers, the stack includes the operating system and generally database software. If Web based, whether public or private, a variety of "services" software is included, such as Web server, mail server and FTP server. See LAMP, stack, full stack developer and protocol stack.

(2) A list of addresses or calculations that is implemented in memory rather than in hardware registers. See stack and register.
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The software stack is the first in the world to keep data in persistent memory and is completely safe against power loss.
So an operator can have a clear upgrade path to 4K/UHD in his exiting network, based on a fully compatible software stack."
In August 2013, iDevices announced the release of its custom module and software stack for Broadcom Bluetooth Smart chips.
With the platform, applications can now manage specific features and capabilities and rapidly implement and deploy in any cloud storage software stack. The technology also increases I/O efficiency by removing bottlenecks and optimising cluster management, data replication, migration, and active archive performance.
“Integrating our iTVFusion Pay-TV solution with the standard software stack provided through the RDK will allow cable operators to rapidly launch services like whole home DVR, OTT, and multi-screen that are demanded by their subscribers, while at the same time providing cable operators with a great deal of flexibility and openness through our back-office service management platform, necessary for their migration towards an all IP service delivery model,” said Jean-Georges Fritsch, Minerva's EVP of Products.
Oracle this week announced that it is acquiring Nimbula, a provider of private cloud infrastructure management software with the intent of rounding out its software stack for building hybrid clouds.
For organisations that are very early in the planning stages for an internal cloud, CiRBA's analytics support key decisions around instance catalogue and software stack design to align with the needs of the applications being hosted.
(ABV810) The Aftermath of the Integrated Enterprise Software Stack - Richard Williams - Cross Research LLC.
It s a software stack meant to emulate an entire system, an entire stack including the operating system.
Commenting on the card controller software stacks that are part of the Total Solutions, Atul Garg, Director of Software Engineering at Arasan said, "A well architected memory controller software stack is crucial to realizing the performance and capacity benefits of these memory cards.
Openmoko(TM) is a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. The company is currently selling the Neo Freerunner phone to advanced users and application developers.

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