soil fill

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1. Soil, crushed stone, or waste materials, used to raise an existing grade or as a man-made deposit.
2. The depth or the volume of such material so added.
3. A cementitious material such as concrete or terrazzo, which is placed over a metal substructure to provide the wearing surface of a tread or platform.
4. Aggregate placed on a roof decking, 2 to form the appropriate design slope.
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At Dunne's Extreme deep soil fill has been placed in the riparian buffer, increasing its ability to absorb surface runoff.
In a July 25 letter, the DAR denied a request by Richard Williams, the owner of land at 29 Overlook Road and 51 Muschopauge Road, to accept soil fill at 29 Overlook Road, a parcel protected under a state Agricultural Preservation Restriction.