soil pressure

contact pressure

Pressure, produced by the weight of a footing and all the forces acting on it, which acts at and perpendicular to the contact area between the footing and the soil.
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The permanent retaining wall needs to be designed for lateral soil pressure, hydrostatic water pressure, surcharge pressure and lateral seismic earth pressures.
All these problems probably vanished with the UI method, where the bulk soil was not waterlogged and the wetting process included all soil pressure heads from the residual to the saturated water content.
The piles ended in a symmetric arrangement of two soil pressure cells for measuring tip resistance, as shown in Fig.
M], in each of which different soil pressure relationships hold.
Footing load is distributed over a wider area and the soil pressure decreases on the soft subgrade [6].
n] is the maximum between rock and soil pressure and the grouting pressure for calculation, and D is the anchor diameter.
A full conical shell, when fully filled, is subjected to uniform soil pressure with its direction either vertical or normal to the shell surface.
Tenders are invited for Small-Sized Soil Pressure Transducer
In liquefaction analysis the standard penetration test (SPT) N60 value is corrected for the overburden soil pressure.
In the traditional design method an arbitrarily selected factor of safety is used to determine allowable soil pressure.
Sandy, light soil is best because it reduces soil pressure on the sides and top of the tank, drains better, and is easier to shape and contour.