solar reflective glass

reflective glass

Window glass which has been coated on the outside with a transparent metallic coating to reflect a significant fraction of the light and radiant heat which strikes it.
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Within the off-cycle credit menu, solar/thermal technologies that improve air conditioning (A/C) system performance are listed and include solar reflective glass, solar reflective paint, and both active and passive ventilation.
These new products complement Thornton's existing range of superior products including Rock composite doors, Synseal Synerjy Windows, Green Oak structures, Evolve Sliding Sash Windows, Global and K2 roofs, Sunshade 80% Solar Reflective Glass for roofs, Halo Flush Fit Casements, Timber windows and doors manufactured in Sapele hardwood and Accoya, the best timber on the market.
This seamlessly integrates with the indoor landscaping through the use of solar reflective glass, which helps to utilise the maximum amount of natural light during the day, while at the same time protecting the building from becoming overheated.
The building has been designed to boost passenger satisfaction and improve management of the country's rail links, and the integrated site has been kitted out with solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system and solar reflective glass to make it one of the greenest rail facilities in the region.
They can also advise on the correct blinds or solar reflective glass for summer.
With an exterior of sleek granite and solar reflective glass, the building's design brings aesthetic appeal to the neighborhood.
"We began using solar reflective glass: PPG's Sungate.