real estate

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real estate:

see propertyproperty,
rights to the enjoyment of things of economic value, whether the enjoyment is exclusive or shared, present or prospective. The rightful possession of such rights is called ownership.
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Real estate

Land and any improvements such as buildings and other site features.
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real estate

Property in the form of land and all its appurtenances, such as buildings erected on it.
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real estate

May be used for any critical resource measured in units of area. Most frequently used of "chip real estate", the area available for logic on the surface of an integrated circuit (see also nanoacre). May also be used of floor space in a dinosaur pen, or even space on a crowded desktop (whether physical or electronic).
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Kieron Pollard sold to Mumbai Indians for Rs 5.4 crores
The fourth was Opel Insignia, with 1,706 cars sold, while Renault Logan was fifth with 1,010 cars, followed by Fiat Tipo with 851 cars.
There have been times when I sold more than two hundred books in a matter of a couple of hours."
There was Martha's friend, Mariana Pasternak, who was on vacation with her when all this happened and whose ex-husband coincidentally sold more than 10,000 shares of ImClone that day.
Raddatz has basically seen it all in the world of fund-raising, dating back to 1974 when he was one of the first people to establish a frozen pizza fund raiser, Mister Z's Pizza of Grafton, WI, a company he has since sold.
Recently there have been a number of court cases around the country where health insurance agents and brokers who sold ERISA self-insured health plans are being held liable for their client's group health claims.
TOMORROW: England v India (Chester-le-Street) probable sell-out, 14,000 already sold. Capacity: 17,000.
So I put together complementary products; if you sold product A, product B could be sold in conjunction with a simplified application and delivery process.
Small to medium size publishers, especially those without "hard news" or "must-have" editorial content, have generated little revenue or royalty fees from articles, special reports or entire publications sold online.
In 1905, Chicago passed a local anti-cocaine ordinance which required cocaine to be sold in packages no smaller than the smallest of original packages sold by wholesalers.