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1. the sovereign of a Muslim country, esp of the former Ottoman Empire
2. an arbitrary ruler; despot
3. a small domestic fowl with a white crest and heavily feathered legs and feet: originated in Turkey



the title of a sovereign in Muslim countries. The title of sultan was used in Turkey until 1922, and in Morocco until 1957. Sultans ruled Egypt from the 13th to 16th centuries and from 1914 to 1922. The title is now held by major feudal lords in the Muslim countries of western Africa, by the rulers of Masqat and Oman, and by some tribal chiefs in southern Arabia.

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Paz Soldan has learned from his predecessors but he also takes on very contemporary topics.
In this second phase of Part One, the dramatic contrasts and conflicts become more testingly complex: Tamburlaine's steady and imperturbable progress towards the final stasis (reconciliation with the Soldan, marriage to Zenocrate, temporary peace) is given definition by being set against the misery and final despair of Bajazeth and Zabina and the elimination of Arabia.
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Louis jeweler, Catherine "Kitty" Fink graduated from Soldan High School in 1927 and was a child prodigy of sorts.
She graduated from Soldan High School and Harris Teachers' College, both in St.
ALAN SOLDAN hit both goals as Mossley Hill overcame Alsop OB to advance into round four of the Challenge Cup.
Eger size taraftar olmayanlara sagdan soldan catmak istiyorsaniz buna diyecegimiz yok fakat koylere kadar taraftarlik yapip Muslumanlari birbirine gecirmeyiniz.
To my knowledge, one of the only editions that reproduces Bach's fermatas correctly is Peters, edited by Kurt Soldan.
The circumlocution evokes Dante's "terra che 'l Soldan corregge" (Inferno 5.
Edmundo Paz Soldan has emerged as one of the leading lights in the Latin American literature movement and furthers his cause with his new novel 'El Delirio de Turing' (Turing's Delirium).
Condom use in South Africa is very low, with their use reported by about 10% to 20% of the population (Abdool Karim, Abdool Karim, Soldan, & Zondi, 1995; Abdool Karim, Mathews, Gutmacher, Wilkinson, & Abdool Karim, 1997; Colvin, 1997; Reddy, Meyer-Weitz, Van den Borne, & Kok, 2000).