soldier pile

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soldier pile, soldier

1. In excavation work, a vertical member which takes the side thrust from horizontal sheeting or from walings and which is supported by struts across the excavation.
2. A vertical member used to prevent the movement of formwork; is held in place by struts, bolts, or wires.
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Developed simulation models for tunnels construction Model name Description Cut & cover1 Tunnels construction by cut-and-cover method using diaphragm walls Cut & cover2 Tunnels construction by cut-and-cover method using secant pile walls Cut & cover3 Tunnels construction by cut-and-cover method using soldier pile and lagging wall Cut & cover4 Tunnels construction by cut-and-cover method using steel sheet pile walls TBM Segmental tunneling using slurry TBM Table 2.
Tenders are invited for portable changeable message sign (ls); move-in/move-out (temporary erosion control); 320 sy of cold plane asphalt concrete pavement; 980 cy of roadway excavation; 55 cy of concrete backfill; 520 ton of hot mix asphalt (type a); 906 lf of steel soldier pile (hp 12 x 84); clean and paint steel soldier piling; 63 lf of midwest guardrail system (wood post); 179 lf of concrete barrier; 2,400 lf of 4" thermoplastic traffic stripe.
installation of retaining walls of types including concrete, soldier pile, andsheet pile; see attached file.
Excavation of the site and produce an embankment and soldier pile and
Tenders are invited for Removal of the existing structure and replacement with a triple barrel 12 ft X 12 ft cast in place concrete box culvert with soldier pile wingwalls; includes 335 CY earth excavation; 420 CY porous granular embankment; 1.

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