sole plate

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groundsill, ground beam, ground plate, mudsill, sole plate

In a framed structure, the sill which is nearest the ground or on the ground; used to distribute concentrated loads.
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If it's just a case of the unit being sticky or dirty, try a sole plate cleaner from www.accessories.home-and-cook.
The Introduction of Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) Technology
Features: 2200 watts, ultraglide sole plate, three minutes heat up time, one-litre tank with stainless steel boiler, suitable for vertical steaming.
Equipped with a feather-light, custom-engineered Zytel sole plate, these shoes replaced ones made with another, more flexible plastic.
You fix vertical studs between the head and sole plates and create door openings where necessary.
Extends to the sole plate with no gaps for the soundound to leak through.
Key to this new efficiency is the sole plate, that part of an iron that meets the fabric.
Features: Shot of steam button, water level indicator window, thermostatic heat control, dual voltage, non-stick sole plate, separate plastic water- fill cup, travel bag.
Lower-priced lines consist of dry and/or portable irons that are little more than a hard, flat sole plate with an electrical element to generate heat.
Turner identified five crucial features that meet the needs of different ironing types: an auto off, a spray to get out wrinkles, a nonstick/Silverstone sole plate so the iron will glide across fabric and be easy to clean, a surge or extra blast of steam and adjustable steam.