sole plate

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groundsill, ground beam, ground plate, mudsill, sole plate

In a framed structure, the sill which is nearest the ground or on the ground; used to distribute concentrated loads.
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If it's just a case of the unit being sticky or dirty, try a sole plate cleaner from www.
Acting on a request from Johnson for a sole plate that would provide added support, Nike had tested several materials, and found that Zytel nylon enabled it to stiffen the sole without increasing weight.
Both X Hot Hybrids also introduce a modern Warbird sole plate relieved in the heel and toe for enhanced versatility from a variety of lies.
NORMALLY while ironing my trousers I cover them with a cloth first but I overlooked it the other day and now my iron has brown marks on the sole plate and it drags.
Extends to the sole plate with no gaps for the soundound to leak through.
This allows for a thicker and heavier titanium sole plate and heel.
Key features include a built-in water filtration system and a swing-out filter basket for the coffeemakers; a detachable "textile protector" sole plate for the high-end iron; and a 400-watt motor for the hand-blender, which can crush ice and delicate herbs with equal precision.
Then you secure the new wall's head plate to the ceiling and the sole plate to the floor, vertically below the head plate.
Glides smoothly on its 400 micro-steam sole plate, which gives out lots of steam.
Starbury Surfside(TM) is a retro court shoe, with an all suede upper, cup outsole with stitch-down construction and a translucent sole plate with outsized Starbury graphic backing.
Features: 2000 watts, ultraglide sole plate, produces 50g/minute of steam, one-litre tank, suitable for vertical steaming and can be used with tap water.