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A fumarole from which sulfurous gases are emitted.
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a jet of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide with an admixture of water vapors, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Solfataras are emitted from lava and other pyroclastic flows and through vents and fissures in the walls and bottoms of craters and on the slopes of volcanoes. Their temperature ranges from 100° to 300°C.

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The Solfatara is an inactive volcano which releases sulfurous fumes occasionally.
The tourist attraction, known as the Solfatara di Pozzuoli, is one of around 40 volcanos in the Campi Flegrei region.
The Solfatara volcano is one of many volcanic craters in the Campi Flegrei region, just west of Naples, which first opened up to tourists in 1900.
And Catalunya's A Tres Bandes presents Solfatara - a relentlessly inventive and hilarious play.
FL Madison FL manifolds Plural of 'manifold', a pipe fitting with several lateral outlets for connecting one pipe with others (W3) Sarasota FL solfataras Plural of 'solfatara', a volcanic area or vent that yields only hot vapors and gases in part sulfurous (W3) GA Monroe GA agronome A specialist in agronomy, the branch of agriculture that deals with field-crop production and soil management (W3) GA Screven GA scavenger A garbage collector (W3) HI ????
Here this group is paired with a percussionist (thus an amplification of the ensemble alto saxophone and percussion used by Bergman in his Solfatara, op.
This can be combined with a trip to nearby Solfatara - a flat volcano, which has mercifully not erupted for 900 years, as it is constantly bubbling with hot sulphurous vents and boiling mud which act as a safety valve against the type of threat still posed by the brooding but silent Vesuvius.