solid concrete block

solid masonry unit

1.(US) A masonry unit whose net cross-sectional area in every plane parallel to the bearing surface is 75% or more of its gross cross-sectional area measured in the same plane.
2. (Brit.) A solid masonry unit having small holes, less than¾ in. (2 cm) wide or less than ¾ sq in. (5 sq cm) in area, passing through it but not exceeding 25% of its volume, or having frogs that do not exceed 20% of its volume. Up to three larger holes, not exceeding 5 sq. in. (32.5 sq cm) each, may be incorporated as aids to handling, within the total of 25%.
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112 tree trunks were stacked teepee fashion and concrete layered on top until the exterior formed a solid concrete block with clean edges, stark against the soft Swiss landscape, and a triangular slash through which to enter.
Fixit,Stone Aggregate 12-20Mm, Stone Aggregate 40Mm, Stone Aggregate 63Mm ,Sand,Rr Stone, Solid Concrete Block 40 X 20 X20cm
One day I plinked at a 4" x 8" x 14" solid concrete block with a .
Fungal exposure followed procedures described in AWPA Standard E18 in which solid concrete blocks were placed on the ground and then the test specimens were placed on the blocks (AWPA 2006a).
At nine metres long and over a metre-and-a-half-tall, the wall was found to have no steel reinforcements and was constructed of hollow rather than solid concrete blocks.
Comprising only 5 per cent of each block's composition, it is claimed that LiTraCon[c] blocks will have similar performance rating as solid concrete blocks, while processing this ghostly, magical quality.
Use four solid concrete blocks of sufficient size to carry each corner of the building.
Hopke suggests builders may need to look to other foundation materials such as solid concrete blocks or poured-concrete walls.