solid door

solid-core door

A door having a core of solid wood or mineral composition, as opposed to one of hollow-core construction.
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"Ah!" cried Daddy Jacques, "it is an old and solid door that was brought from the chateau--they don't make such doors now.
If an updated look is all you are after, designer Robert Lindgren from Lindgren Gibb Studio suggests giving a plain solid door a makeover by covering it with three square panels of simple stock molding.
Trollasaur Suggesting that after FOUR break-ins, that a solid door is used, isn't blaming anyone, it's common sense, like no doubt you have a key to your house (my grandparents/neighbours never needed one and many Americans still go to sleep without locking up).
The Solidor is a new addition to Thornton's composite range - perfect for those who are looking for solid door construction as opposed to high-insulation values.
"The kitchen was at the far end with a solid door between it and the rest of the house, because there used to be a huge cooking stove on the end wall."
The scenario that was the most successful in creating high concentrations of refrigerant (close to the LFL) was the solid door closet scenario; this scenario created the highest flammable concentration and was the only ignition test to result in an ignition event.
There is an open, arched entrance porch with a solid door which opens to a spacious hallway.
A panic room is a bedroom converted into a high-security area with solid door and barred windows.
Cal Door's Revere door is a cope (n stick solid door style.
One elaborate way to reintroduce cats if they become hostile is to keep the aggressor in a less desirable area of the house behind a solid door, gradually replaced by a plastic door, a screen door or a door opened just a crack.
This man has enough brass in his neck to supply every Georgian house in Dublin with solid door knockers.
The Optima EH-case features either a HEPA filter on the front door with special gasketing to prevent dust ingress or a solid door with NEMA type gasketing.